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Thread: It's started.

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    It's started.

    Don't know if it's the sign of a bad year ahead, sitting out tonight on the hill, I pulled a few ticks off the dogs. Generally we get ticks all year round when it's been pretty mild, and this year it has been that. But this was like the start of proper ticks not just the odd one or two. Anyone else seeing them on the go?


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    Had the first tick on the dog late March and another the other day.

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    It's more than just one or two I'm finding, got them all clipped now, (cockers with very short summer hair get some looks) Advantix is back on today.

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    We are very lucky in Herefordshire as we don't see many ticks but I took one off my arm after a successful morning on the Fallow in the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago.

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    Yup - it's aleady bad. Multiple ticks off self, dog and baby this weekend (Blairgowrie).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauser243 View Post them all clipped now, (cockers with very short summer hair get some looks)
    They do indeed! Our older cocker takes a day or two to get over the sense of "strategically shaved" embarrassment!

    On a more serious note, I had a muntjac doe last week with 7 ticks just around the groin. Looks like it's going to be a bad year for them.
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    At our nearest stalking venue, haven't seen a tick or ked ever, (touch wood)! none in chiller bottoms either, thought I felt something latch on my calf muscle friday last, but must have been imagining it. Last one I had was on the thin skin over the shin bone on my leg, long time back on Arran scheme.
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    Just remembered a hilarious event southbound M6, homeward bound from Arran, Mike (Flyboy270) had been hosting some Keds unknowingly, (we had already been falling about laughing in the lounge on the ferry, trying to bash their heads in with rifle bolts on the carpet), anyway we had just re fuelled & were entering the motorway when mr Ked decides to make his presence known, running quickly across Mike's forehead ... how we managed to resolve this without a pileup I will never know.
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    Took three off myself yesterday,but that's just a start it will get much worse from now on.

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    Just newly back with a young buck, poor bugger had 9 attatched to his nads and round about

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