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Thread: First Buck of the season.............

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    First Buck of the season.............

    Today was the first decent day we have had for what seems like months,so,I jumped into the truck with the rifle and was off to a place that usually holds a few Bucks.I was after a Buck that was cleaned off or a young follower,but,when I got there the owner told me that there had been three large Lurcher type dogs running in a pack,he had even seen them ragging a dead lamb(not sure whether they killed it or not),but,if they did it was killed on another farm as he doesn't have any stock at all,he has three plantations though,and,I was still hopeful of at least seeing Deer.I was sadly disillusioned though,and,after walking the whole of the land there wasn't even any signs of Deer,so,Plan 'B' and off to a farm that is very local to me where I had seen 7 Roe on a lamping trip a few days ago.
    I pulled off the lane into a heavily ploughed field and glassed the valley for any signs,no Deer to be seen,so,I traipsed off along the headland and I had the wind in my favour and I had a good feeling,the sun was shining down(on the righteous?)and as I got to the very last field I was rounding a corner and I froze as I saw a pair of ears poking above a hump.It was a Doe and as she slowly made her way out into the field I could see that she was scouring very badly,but,I have a feeling that is because of the recent rainfall pushing through a flush of new grass(that's my guess anyway).I waited patiently to see if there might be a Buck with her,and,after about ten minutes(seemed a lot more)there was a movement to the right,and,lo and behold out he came.....albeit a bit of a skinny bugger,he wasn't exactly in the first flush of youth,in fact he was definitely going back.He stepped clear of the hump as the Doe had,but this time he only took the one step,and he dropped with a shot to the boiler room.

    The Doe wasn't sure what had happened and stayed close by waiting for him to get up,she soon bounded off though when I made my presence known.

    It was a perfect end to the I had a hell of a long trek back and it's all up hill too.....I guess he had the last laugh.

    He was a 3 pointer and had a flattened tine which is common on this land,and he was still in velvet as they are on all of my permissions,but,he was best off the land,and,the freezer was a bit on the light side too.......happy days.


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    nice one martin a nice bit of country there.
    shot a buck yesterday evevning and he was feeding on new chicory growth in a game strip very green, he was not scouring as such, but was very loose.

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    martin glad your off the mark mate nice write up
    regards pete .

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    Good shot Marty

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    I got my first buck of the season yesterday, I took him at about 180m through the heart but like yours he had the last laugh becuse in my excitement I blocked out the fact he was at the other side of a steep gulley with a river at the bottom and I didn't have my wellies on.



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    Great job mate, glad that you are getting out a bit now too.

    We are still chasing big herds of fallow prickets now over here, many of the roebucks are clean already though, however I would sooner we wait until they are holding a little colour in their antlers yet, but I guess we are lucky to have a few species to choose from unlike many.

    Good animal to take though buddy for the larder-he was past is "shoot by date"

    Regards Lee

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    Good animal to take though buddy for the larder-he was past is "shoot by date"

    Regards Lee[/QUOTE]The pleasant work goes on Martin, (for some).
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Well done Mart,great write up

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    Great pics & write up - and nice shot too

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