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Thread: Dog crashes tractor.

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    Dog crashes tractor.

    Just heard on the news a dog has drove a tractor from field at the side of the m74 at the abbington junction throught the fence and across the motorway and crashed into the centre reservation. The dog was left in the tractor with the engine running and must have bumped the shuttle into drive and away it went. Lucky no one was hurt.

    Claims Dog At Wheel Of Crashed Tractor | Clyde 1 - Number 1 for Glasgow and The West. Your Music, Your Life.
    Claims Dog At Wheel Of Crashed Tractor | Clyde 1 - Number 1 for Glasgow and The West. Your Music, Your Life.

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    Was the dog breathalized ?

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    Was it chasing a Deer(e) ?

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    I guess you consider this Barking News??


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    That'll be a bit wuff on the insurance
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    Must have bin a foreign registered vehicle.
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    Is this part of the SNP plan to show reductions in unemployment?
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    Do the police have any leads ?
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    There have been calls for the press to stop hounding witnesses
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    I bet the farmers barking mad

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