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Thread: munty magic

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    munty magic

    I was out yesterday evening for a roebuck with my son the plan was for him
    to sit in a high seat which overlooked one side of a large wood .
    I would then stalk away from his position on foot around the other side out to the
    I had only gone about 300 yds when i spotted a good buck on a far field about 300 yds
    away i stalked on slowly when i saw movement just ahead of me on the edge of the wood
    i stopped and glassed and to my surprise it was a nice munty buck this being the
    first i had ever stalked into on my ground i watched him for about five minutes trying to
    take pictures on my camera phone to show my son
    very soon he was joined by a munty doe both now at a distance of about 40 yds
    I could of shot either of them but decided to leave them to breed to supply future
    sport for our patch
    I carried on forward and with that they shot into the wood so i carried ontowards
    the roebuck as i got slowly closer a doe appeared bewtween me and the buck
    well i got to within 20 yds of her now looking up towards the buck which was now
    led down with another buck 30 yds to his right just above the ears still in velvet
    the first buck being a good six pointer cleaned right off probably medal class
    as they were on top of a ridge and no safe shot available and with a doe 20 yds
    to my left i knew this was going to be nearly inpossible
    I stalked slowly forward the doe jumped up knowing something was up and made her
    way up to the bucks they also got up and slowy moved off into the wood .

    I was not dissapointed I had enjoyed a fantastic stalk seen two munties a cracking
    roebuck that will be there for another day and got close enough to my quarry i
    could have tapped them on the head with me sticks
    I put the last bit down to wayne davies hes bloody good the ninja


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    Nice read mate. cant wate till next weekend till i go.....Neil

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    Nice write up mate, and glad to hear you are seeing munties on your ground

    You may have seen only two but you have probably got twenty two

    Take care mate, all the best to the family from Debs and I


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    max hi mate
    its certanally good to have another species on the ground keeps it interesting
    same goes to you mate hope your both well .

    biglad all the best on your trip next week mate regards pete .

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    I wondered what you were trying to hide in the back of your car
    You aint been kidnapping my Munties have you

    Bloody "Ninja" Cervushunter didnt think I was much of a Ninja when we were making our approach on four reds the other week and my phone went off
    Luckily we were far enough away

    Did you say you were leaving that buck for me


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    Im out spotting allready for you and andy you have the freedom to shoot whatever we see
    if i could have got anywhere near your munties i would have chucked a couple in the car
    bloody mobile phone thats nearly as bad as andys slope dope
    ive taken your advice and ordered some ballistic tips
    looking forward to you both coming down regards pete .

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    Roedinator great to hear the munties are starting to move down at last and i dont blame you for leaving them for breeding stock.
    Fantastic little devils to stalk as i have just found out as i have just had a couple of days in hereford having a crash course from the ninja master himself.
    Just recieved the pictures from wayne and am currently uploading them.

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    Nice write up Roedinator - i like your way of thinking!

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    Wayne Davies the NINJA

    sorry Wayne could not resist
    (i am a member of this such club)

    But back to it
    Pete you need to watch that lad of yours, he will be better than you one day
    but just don't tell him
    glad to hear all is going well

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    Nice one Pete sounds like another species to stalk in the future mate.

    These bloody Ninja's are popping up everywhere now


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