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Thread: A big THANK YOU to Daf the welshwarrior!

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    A big THANK YOU to Daf the welshwarrior!

    Just had my old PH circa 1986 .308 bedded by Daf (DM Shooting, Staffordshire) into a Boyd thumbhole stock.

    Looked Good!

    Took it home and cleaned out the bore with Forest Foam and down to the range to re zero.

    Shots 1 & 2 a bit low right, up 4 clicks. 3 & 4 on right hand edge of 1" dot. 2 clicks left, 1 too many. Numbers 5,6,7 all touching in a vertical string.

    Never before!

    Brilliant! Thanks Daf.


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    Daf is a great bloke, who knows his stuff,



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    thank you for your kind words glad you got the results you wanted.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kjf View Post
    Daf is a great bloke, who knows his stuff,


    Certainly is....
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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