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Thread: Federal nickel cases

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    Federal nickel cases

    Bought some federal ballistic tips at the weekend and noticed the cases have changed from brass to nickel . Does anyone know a reason for this change ? Cant remember reading about such a drastic change to their rounds.

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    Pass but they have been use'g brass nickel coated case's for years , good for reloading and cheap enough that you wont cry if you lose them unlike lapua ? lol

    I have been use'g them in .308 for some years and reload them until they split some I have i'v tumble the nickel off them and still going strong .

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    I think it is due to supplying military and police where the ammo may be left around in les than ideal circumstances and the nickel protects the brass better? At least that what it said on the Federal Premium Defense .223 box I looked at.

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    Nickel supposedly:

    1) Doesn't tarnish, so looks nicer on the shelf
    2) Doesn't collect green verdigris if left in a leather cartridge loop or cartridge dump box in humid climates (think US Police in Florida etc in the days of revolvers)
    3) Makes the case more brittle (so split necks) when worked for reloading if expanded and then roll crimped
    4) Feeds better as it a sort of less friction coating...but tumbling brass cases supposedly does the same
    5) If scratched looks awful as unlike brass yiu can't mellow the scratch by tumbling.

    So 2) may be the main market and that will have a benefit to Southern states with humid climes.

    But personally as I'm not a member of Dade County SWAT an as 1) and 2) aren't relevant and 3) maybe if only reloading revolver cartridges where you expand and then roll crimp such as .357 Magnum that leaves 4) as the only possible benefit to me. With 5) as the drawback.

    Old brass cases look distinguished. And when tumbled almost as "good as new". Old nickel cases look awful and tumbling won't rehabilitate them. I'll pass on the offer to buy ammunition so plated, thank you!

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    I thought there might have been some sort of speel in the shooting press, with good reasons why they "blinged" their ammo.

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    I'd gamble it's a cost saving measure to be spun as "awesome" thought up by marketing bods who have never seen a shooting range in person.

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    Originally it was used for law enforcement pistol ammo when revolvers were the weapon of choice to stop the brass cases corroding, now it's just to make cases look cool, as most Americans don't reload it doesn't mater
    if the cases split after a couple of reloads, a friend that has some nickel .243 cases that split necks after as little as 3 reloads, I have Remington nickel .357 mag cases that split on the first firing and lose 1 or 2 every trip to the range, if you are going to store ammo for a few years they are quite good but to shoot and reload on a regular basis I'd choose plain brass any time.

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