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Thread: CZ452 .17 HMR with Scope & Moderator

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    CZ452 .17 HMR with Scope & Moderator

    CZ452 American in .17 HMR customised by Thames Valley Guns

    Fitted into a Wild Dog carbon fibre tactical stock in a sandy colour with black spider web and with internal ammunition storage box. (I have the original wood stock that is in un-marked condition and can go with the rifle).

    moderator thread re-cut and crowned at just under 20".

    Custom made, calibre specific .17 HMR moderator.

    Rimfire Magic trigger kit installed.

    Currently fitted with a Weaver Classic V series 1" tube 3 - 9 x 50 scope with a Duplex Reticle in Sports Match mounts. Lenses unmarked. Good quality scope used extensively at night satisfactorily. If you're interested in scope upgrade I have a Leupold MK 4 tactical 3.5 - 10 x 40 illuminated mil-dot scope that can go with this instead but you will need to buy new mounts for a 30mm tube scope.

    Great little rifle that 've done some good and enjoyable shooting with but not used so much now.

    A couple of marks both shown in pictures. One scuff on the objective housing on the scope and a rub in the paint on the stock in front of the magazine where it rubs on the quad fuel tank when your riding.

    500 with the weaver scope as it stands or 450 in the original wood stock. (if your interested in the Leupold scope PM me.)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0171 (2).jpg   IMG_0172 (2).jpg   IMG_0174 (2).jpg   IMG_0176 (2).jpg   IMG_0177 (2).jpg  

    IMG_0179 (2).jpg  
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    Wow that stock is fantastic! Where did it come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redleicester View Post
    Wow that stock is fantastic! Where did it come from?
    Try searching rimfiremajic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjs View Post
    Try searching rimfiremajic.

    And then keep on searching because they are like rocking horse wotsit!

    essentially, if you want one, you might as well save the time and just buy this one

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    Indeed. Rimfiremagic don't seem to do them for anything other than Rem700s now.

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    Also with this will a bore guide and some cleaning brushes, jags, and patches etc etc.

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