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Thread: First buck of the season.

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    First buck of the season.

    After heading back to Yorkshire to get away from my dissertation for a few days I finally managed to grass my first buck of the season this morning.

    After probably 5 or 6 unsuccessful stalks I had seen plenty of bucks but not had the chance to get in a shot of after having several potential stalks blown in various ways not all of which were my fault

    Anyway it was up and out the door for 5:30 this morning and out to stalk a spot I had seen some roe but not been able to stalk in on as the wind was wrong. Driving past I could see there was a deer but did not stop as didn't want to spook it but thought I would go past and stalk into it instead. Anyway by the time I get there it had moved on to the neighbours land so i set off back to the car and drove on to my next location I was planning on stalking. I set of on the new stalk and I had just made it to the point where I was about to drop in on where the deer normally lie up when once again, I doe on the neighbouring land I hadn't seen started to bark and I thought sod it, I'll move onto the highseat deciding anything in the area would be on edge.

    I arrived at my seat at about 6:30 just as the sun was getting up and thought I may well have missed anything that may show as that had been about my luck lately but I was feeling optimistic as I had seen two separate bucks there over the past couple of days (1 young buck and 1 big boy who was still cleaning himself up). There was nothing moving at all until just after 7 when a roe suddenly appeared about 400 yards to my left and I swiftly spied with by binocs and saw it was clear a buck. This presented me with a dilemma as 7 is when the stockmen usually arrive and that had been what had spooked the but i was spying the day before and sent him running into the woods.

    I sat and watched for 15 mins as it worked towards me now only around 150 or 200 yards away but was not presenting a shot as he was too far around to take from the high seat. I now had to decide whether to to get down and stalk in or wait as the stockman was due anytime now and there was a chance he would push to buck towards the woods and across my path. I decided to sit and watch for another 5 mins with still no sign of the stockman.

    I decide it was now or nether has he was getting very close to the woods but and there was a chance he would disappear without presenting a shot. I dropped down into a ditch and stalked in on him making slow progress. As time ticked on I was certain that the stockman would show and spook him before I got a shot so I set on the sticks and lined up to take a shot when it presented. It was it this point he noticed my presence and started to make towards me, scenting the air and never presenting a shot for long enough for me to take it. By now he was about 50 or 60 yards away and finally, turned broadside for just long enough to squeeze the trigger. He jolted forward and I could see blood spouting from his side so knew it was a good shot but he was making for he woods, the edge of my permission and I was worried about having to follow him up. Finally, he went down about 10 yards short of the woods.

    Looks like he was quite old as he has thick and stubby antlers but not the big one I was watching the other day. Regardless I am happy with him as he's a nice six pointer and provided some good dissertation procrastination.

    Here is a pic of the buck and a nice one I got as the sun was coming up yesterday.

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    Nice one, thanks for sharing.


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    Good write up mate ,still a few here in velvet .My boy had our first yesterday eve about same stamp of head

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