More of the clear out bits for sale as it appears I have multiples of everything.

Firstly a pair of size 10 wellies by Le Chemeau these are the buckle side but the extra thick (5mm I think) neoprene lining. In good condition. Watertight still and with lots of tread. Been warn for a couple of seasons driven shooting on very cold days so not abused. Seem to be about 200. I'd like 100 for them.

Secondly is an army gortex jacket. DPM zip and Velcro front and Velcro wrists. Has a hood that packs away with a Drawstring. Was my spare stalking coat. Good condition. A bit of wear inside th neck but as a top layer works great. 10.

Uploading pictures isn't working. PM me your email and I'll forward to you.

Prices collected from Leicester. Can sort postage if need be but would rather collection then people can see them.