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Thread: Deer Stalking in Sutherland

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    Deer Stalking in Sutherland


    This is something of a new venture and we are trying to offer a range of stalking opportunities, some will be a bit of trial and error as we see what works and what doesn't.

    Currently we have a conventional Lodge that sleeps sixteen and a two bedroom holiday cottage that sleeps four in two double rooms. We have access to around 45 000 acres of ground in a single block, the ground is a mix of wet and dry heathland, with small areas of native woodland and some commercial coniferous forestry. It isn’t particularly high, with the highest points being at about 600m. It is on the periphery of the largest intact peatland in Europe and offers challenging stalking on the open hill as there is limited ground cover and a lot of the time is spent moving in sight of deer.

    There is limited availability of accompanied Roe bucks in May and June this year

    The lodge we let to the "conventional" accompanied stalking parties, for Sept / Oct. These are usually bigger parties that will take 15 - 20 stags in the week and it commands a premium price for both the lodge and the sport. This is fully booked this year from our base of existing clients. The antlers belong to the client and are either prepared for taxidermy or boiled out full skull or short face , for which an additional small fee is charged. The carcase remains the property of the estate, but as usual can be purchased at GD rates. We can arrange to have this skinned and butchered at cost.

    In the earlier part of the year we try and get a few poorer stags taken at the "in-velvet/just cleaning" stage so that we can achieve our cull targets, these days are with a professional stalker and could be let with or without the cottage. In the cottage package is arranged access to salmon and sea trout on a strict catch and release policy and unlimited access to a selection of wild brown trout lochs, most with boats. The cottage is 400.00 / week.

    We are also trialling a let week of unaccompanied summer stalking in the commercial forestry. This would be for up to four stalkers for five days. All would need to be FAC holders, minimum of DSC 1 and insured.
    Based in the cottage the stalkers would be shown the woodlands and do a range check followed by a safety briefing. They would then be free to stalk for Roebuck of all classes and red and sika stags up to six points. Assistance with recovery (quad bikes and Argos) lardering and a deer dog would be provided at no extra cost. This sport would be unlimited for a flat fee of 250.00 / stalker plus the cottage fee of 400.00 (this would include access to trout fishing) The carcase as usual will remain with the estate.

    If this format is successful, we would aim to replicate it in the winter for does and hinds, at the same fee structure.

    Accompanied hind days on the open hill are also available, with no bag limit and can be taken as 1+1 or 2+1. Preference in booking would be given to clients who are taking accommodation in the cottage.

    AW's for DSC 2 can be arranged with a bit of lead in time. We are waiting for one of our stalkers to go through the AW process at the moment.

    Rates and availability as well as any other information can be dealt with using a private message. Every effort will be made to be clear and transparent about all elements of a package.

    Dunrobin Sporting

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    Any pictures of the accommodation please James?

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    Hi James

    Just spoke to a colleague, will have pics ASAP. As soon as I get them I will send them on.


    Dunrobin Sporting

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    Robbie, is it at Gordonbush?

    Got a bit confused, I thought Dunrobin was run by this guy:

    JAMES URQUHART director information. Free director information.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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    No need for confusion

    James and I are good friends and work together on a number of projects, Dunrobin and Gordonbush share a common boundary and some of the stalking packages will be delivered collaboratively.



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    Sounds very good value but you are talking after 1st July unless you have some roe bucks in the forestry ? Rupert

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    Cheers Robbie, look forward to seeing the pics...

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    Any pictures of the accommodation please Robbie/James?

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    Danish Clients roe buck stalking in the cottage at the moment, as soon as they're off home we'll get the pictures taken.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	56028This morning at 04:30, just as the snow started.

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