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Thread: First cubs of the year

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    First cubs of the year

    As per the title, spotted the first 2 cubs of the year last night and quite suprised at how large they were too! (well over half grown). Unfortunately they were on ground that prevented a safe shot, but now I know they're there.....
    Just wondering what the situation is in your part of the country?
    ATB Lee

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    Not spotted any cubs yet, but it was around this time last year that we started to see them.
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    I'm doing a sweep tomorrow night but I have reports of "juvenile" type behaviour both ends of my patch.
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    A Bristol menber told me he shot a vixen and 2 cubs last week, 3 weeks ago we shot a heavily pregnant vixen so appears big range in cubbing this year.


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    Just cubbing now, here.

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    Shootable Vixens seem to have disappeared... i wonder why?

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    Just found some tonight .

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    Def a big range this year Cyres, shot a heavily pregnant vixen myself here about 3 weeks ago. Apart from her and 1 other barron vixen, been all dog foxes for about the last 2 months. Then as I said in my OP these cubs I saw were over half grown.
    I'm sure they must have been an exceptionally early litter.
    ATB Lee

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    Not seen any Cubs as yet but shot a vixen in milk last week
    been out every night this week after a fox that's taking a new born lamb every night
    just canot get a safe shot on it to many sheep in the way

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