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    I've had Fao and he is ok with gun security and house security but he will not grant me a license till i have some were to shoot i have a re test booked for Dsc1 . My question is does anyone know of any syndicates available in Scottish Borders area I live in Stockton area and I am prepared to travel. Cheers in advance George.

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    Book yourself a paid stalk, that should be sufficient.

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    Now mate he did say to keep a record of paid ur unpaid stalks. But it was mainly permission to shoot on land that he was interested in.

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    If you have stalking booked then your application can proceed on that basis - no requirement for you to personally have land or be a member of a sydicate - suggest you research what constitutes 'good reason' beforehand though.

    It's not up to the 'FAO' (Firearms Enquiry Officer?), to decide to grant or refuse you an FAC, that decision will be made by the Firearms Officer or manager of the FLD based on the information they receive. You must fulfill the criteria as per the HO Guidance so have a read of chapter 13 of the linked copy in the sticky at the top of this section of the forum.

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    if you get DSC1 and a paid stalk they should have very little reason to deny you an FAC, providing everything else is ok.

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    Good reason is what it's about. Obviously permission to shoot on land is one way of showing good reason. Membership at a range is another. Paid stalking another. But you don't say what calibres you are after and what you will use them for. The paid stalking isn't going to help if you are after a .22 or small centrefire.

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    Thanks for the info lads. I have put in for a .243 with sound mod.

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