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Thread: Optilock ring dimensions

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    Optilock ring dimensions

    Afternoon all. I have a set of 1" s/s optilock rings, and I'm trying to determine whether they're med or lows. I dont have bases to set them on, and on all the dimension info I can find the measurements are given while the rings are on bases.
    Just wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction??
    From the flats on the bottom of the ring (where it meets the top of the base) to the lowest part of the inner-ring(where the bottom of the scope tube lays) is approx 5mm, and from the flats on the bottom of the ring to the flats at the top of the bottom half of the ring (if that makes any sense at all!) is approx 18mm.
    I just read this post back to myself and thaught what a load of double dutch! But just maybe there's an Optilock guru out there who can help me?
    Many thanks in advance for your patience for just reading this post. Here's hoping...
    ATB Lee

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    The heighth depends not only on the diameter of the objective bell ( 40mm, 42mm, 50mm, 56mm), but also on the diamerter of the occular bell and variable power adjustment ring, and the bolt handle lift. For example, a Burris or Leupold 42mm scope will have enough clearance on any rifle in medium rings, but a 40mm Nikon in medium rings will not have clearance for the bolt handle in most rifles.

    But here is the page where you can download the specifications, with all the drawings and dimensions of the rings, bases and assemblies.

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    Firstly, thanks for trying to help me Southern. I've already looked at the link you've given me but it doesn't tell me what I need to know.
    I should've mensioned that I'm not trying to fit a scope in them, but want to sell them and don't know whether to advertise them as low or mediums. (dont want to mislead anyone or waste their time). This is why I need dimensions of the rings alone, but I couldn't see these on that page.
    Thanks again Southern
    ATB Lee

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    I will measure some this evening and post them.

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    Top man Southern. Thankyou very much!

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    leej go back on the link or any sako/tikka optiloc link theres a pdf download with the specs on it click on that ,atb doug,

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    I took some quick measurements of rings in boxes and on a rifle with no scope in them.

    The low rings are 7/16 ( 11 mm) from the bottom to the bottom inside the rings.
    Extra low are 9mm
    Medium are 17mm
    High are 21mm

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