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Thread: Barrel length on 6.5x55mm.

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    Barrel length on 6.5x55mm.

    I currently have a Sauer 202 and had the barrel shortened from 23 inches to 21 inches. Makes all the difference to handling. The rifle will clover leaf with the right homeloads.
    I'm about to buy another 202 in 6.5x55mm and plan to have the barrel shortened in the same way.
    I didn't notice any real difference when I chopped the 308, however, will this cause problems with a 6.5x55mm?

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    Keep it around 22.4", then it's a happy medium and gets most 6.5x55 powders burnt (almost). Faster powders, for a say 20", and you get the powder burnt but to perhaps a reduction in velocity. I get 2,690 f/sec out of my 22.5" and reduce that to 20" and you might lose 80 f/sec.
    There are plenty on here who use 20" 6.5x55 who might be able to throw some light. Personally I find 22.4" very manageable.

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    Hi my swede has a 20in barrel
    i don't notice any muzzle flash when used at night (T12 mod)
    123gr scenar N160 avg V 2776
    140gr accubond N160 avg V 2600
    120gr pro hunter N160 avg V 2700
    this pac-nor barrel started at 24in but had it cut to 20in
    for better handling and now sits on my shoulder without
    hope this helps

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    Many thanks. Looking on guntrader there's plenty of brand new 6.5s at 20-21 inch so reckoned it had to be OK.
    Just need to match powder and head to the rifle when the barrel's chopped.

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