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Thread: Zeiss Retro Fit?

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    Zeiss Retro Fit?

    Hello peeps.

    Has anyone had the ASV retro fitted to a HT scope (3-12x56). Just wondering what the cost is, time taken and if it's worth it? Just interested in the elevation turret..

    Regards. cjs

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    I looked at getting target turrets fitted to a U.S. Conquest but the cost just didn't make sense
    sold it and bought one with what I wanted, cost me less than a third of upgrading
    three sets of shipping and $99 a pop for turrets iirc

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    Cheers bewsher, so i guess it's not the way to go…


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    Quote Originally Posted by cjs66 View Post
    Cheers bewsher, so i guess it's not the way to go…

    see what they can do on price first
    a lot of my decision was based on shipping costs

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    Are we really comparing apples with apples here? A Victory HT 3-12x56 is a top of the range Uk scope supplied at about 1700-1800 and 200 more in ASV+ guise. It's a far cry from a US Conquest.

    Zeiss charge about 200 to retro fit ASV+. Shipping both ways in the UK through your dealer shouldn't amount to more than about 20.

    Is it worth doing? If you are shooting out to say 150 metres when stalking then probably not. If you want the flexibility of taking extended shots from, say, a stand and want to remove the guess work then you will love it. I made the mistake of buying a 2.5-10x50 Victory HT without ASV+ and really miss it. I am getting it upgraded when I can be without the rifle.

    I see you live in the frozen north, but if you are ever passing this way, you are welcome to come and have a play as I have the same scope as you with ASV+



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    I upgraded two of my Zeiss scopes with ASV turrets. No regrets and would highly recommend it.

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    Thanks guys.
    Looks like for my needs, just leave well alone. I've no need for the long shot really.
    Stay lucky. cjs.

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