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Thread: Please can you give me some advice on rifle choice.

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    Please can you give me some advice on rifle choice.

    Hiya Guys,

    I am after my first .17hmr rifle and after looking around I am totally confused, so I thought I would do a post on here and ask you guys with more knowledge for a little advice. The rifle must be in .17hmr and the rest of the criteria the rifle should match are as below.

    1. Synthetic Stock.
    2. Varmint/Heavy Barrel.
    3. Good reputation for accuracy.
    4. Stainless Steel Barrel if possible.
    5. Carbine if possible.
    6. At least 4 shot with magazine.

    I will spend up to 1000 for the right gun with scope and sound mod, so what do you think I should get???

    Please feel free to add your ideas.

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    Mt brother has the new Browning T-Bolt on order in .17HMR with 10 shot mag and everything you mention above (except the barrel length but he will sort that out when it arrives). best part it is it is a straight pull so should be much quicker for follow-up shots...

    Might be a good option to consider...


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    i have just purchased a CZ american in 17hmr. its very accurate, and well made for the money. i did have a look at the stainless / synthetic one but it had no floating barrel. i think you would be better looking at Anschutz or Sako, rather than the CZ, as you budget is well over the CZ range. Its down to your intended use, if its for vermin control then IMHO the CZ american has everything and more than you could possible need.

    straight out of the box i put 10 shots in a sub 1inch group at 100yrds. thats fine for a vermin rifle. it has a nicley ballanced feel to it, it is a short barrel, a varmint barrel and is also a fully floating barrel. trigger is not the best but is adjustable, bolt has a double claw for better extraction and is finished to a high standard for the price. ALL in all i highly recomend it for the money and the purpose of vermin control.

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    Hi Sam,

    I have had two 17hmr rifles, the first i think was a Marlin and it just didn't agree with me, i then replaced it with a CZ and haven't looked back. By the sounds of it the CZ Style will tick all your boxes, the barrel is nickel coated not stainless, but the end result is similar. Moderating the .17 is not easy as it moves so fast it always makes a crack, i have a SAK mod and it helps and doesn't cost the earth !

    The CZ have serious pedigree and i think most shooters have used one at some stage in their life.

    hope this helps

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    Thanks for suggestions and the info guys, I have pretty much dismissed the CZ's because of the trigger being a bit ropey and I do like the look, and pedigree of the anscutz, the only problem with them is that they do not come in synthetic (I dont believe). If they do come in synthetic can you send me some info and links if possible.

    I am looking at the Sako quad with the heavy barrel in synthetic, are they any good?

    Do you guys have any other recommendations please?

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    Don't dismiss the CZ purely because of the trigger. A trigger kit on my .22 cost twenty quid and has transformed it. I'm about to purchase one in 17hmr, and will buy the same kit to sort that one out. Not a complex job, and makes a world of difference. If you need info on the trigger kits P.M. me and I'll look up my old receipt. I think it was from a firm called "rimfire magic'' but not sure.

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    I dont know much about the anscutz but that is some serious pedigree and , played with the quad and it was interesting but felt a little bit like a toy. I think CZ have a replacement trigger which is simple to install, can be done at home and costs under 20 ...

    Is this for rabbit/crow whacking? If so all rifles mentioned will do the job beautifully


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    I will be using the .17hrm rimfire for rabbits and crows up to 150yds, I wasn't aware trigger kits are so cheap and easy to fit, can you send me some info as the where I can get one from please. Also, can you tell me, do the CZ's in synthetic have a floating HEAVY barrel ???

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    I have the Sako quad in .17Hmr but not the heavy barrel.I have had it about five months and its done all I have asked of it so far.
    6 x 45 pecar on the top and it does a good job on a grey squirrel at 60/70 yards , and its a damn site cheaper on other vermin than its big brother !

    (accurate out to distance for some folks,but i havent pushed it over about 100 yds )
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    Triggers, never understood what all the fuss is about, haven't come across anything that prevented me from the required end result!
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