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Thread: How long until the bubble bursts in the UK?

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    How long until the bubble bursts in the UK?

    Recently, I find myself getting into more and more debates on social media about the whole field sports topic, and it really does become tiresome, with recent media frenzy surrounding Rebecca Francis, and with Ricky Gervais jumping on the bandwagon it seams like more and more people are saying downright awful things about people based soley on the fact they partake in field sports.

    It it saddens me to see people proclaiming how glad they were to see the professional hunter killed by a bull elephant recently and also a full on attack on a female hunter which calls her a c*nt in the first sentence.

    i know many of these people are ignorant to the facts but I have had a few mailings now just based on numbers during debates, which usually end with someone turning hateful as try have little factual information on the subject.

    i seem to constantly make the point that unless you are a vegan, you are being a hypocrite to say a wildebeest is anymore sacred than an Aberdeen Angus bull, it's the shear number of people who are unwilling to listen to information that concerns me and on this basis I wonder how long until the bubble bursts and shooting is so restrictive it isn't worth doing.

    we already hear of people getting attacked over it and thier cars vandalised or thier businesses targeted in the UK, having moved to the U.S. recently it was a refreshing change to see pro-hunt messages but even over here there seems to be a massive wave of anti hunt campaigns and hatred towards anyone who hunts.

    so how long before we shut it down for the hobby hunter in the UK? 20 years? 50? 100?

    Sad ad times and it can be difficult to be a minority, it's all fine and well defending your position and having a go back but the overwhelming number means that eventually we are more likely to lose, which is a shame.

    i had a look online to try to find a population figure estimate for foxes in the UK and was amazed that the first 5 results in Google were proclaiming how fox numbers are at a low and how we need to do everything to stop the persecution of these "beautiful, kind animals that only kill when absolutely necessary" do these people actually do any actual research?

    rant over... :-(


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    There is an old southern saying.

    Never try to teach a pig to sing! It only wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

    that is my belief with the "anti" crowd. You will not convert them, you will waste your time, and in the end you will give them a platform to make themselves look good in front of their idiot peers.

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    the sheer brain washing in schools by the anti,s is unreal theyve got their act together ,we havent by a long years day was <beef.NOT ,the grandkids loved it ,cleared their plates but the daughter let slip it was venison. wow what a reaction ,i was satan grandad ,its the road to hell how could i ,blah blah .the two middle kids acted like id poisoned them with bambi and his mum.copying the bilge their teacher told them .foxes are cute and help chickens cross the road and badgers are cuddly

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    I'd find it hard to have any opinion of Ricky Gervais that wasn't other than.....

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    I absolutely exhausted myself over the WH Smiths ban on Shooting mags being sold to minors a few years ago.

    There is a Vegan Elite that sits behind this social media from Animal Aid and such that is as passionate as we are that the animals must be saved and that you and I can die as far as they are concerned..

    You can work on the fence sitters but you won't budge the vegans. Even the vegetarians think they are "out there"
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    I find that social media is much to blame. It gives a platform where every nutcase can make his or her opinion heard by the masses in relative anonymity, and those who are most extreme in their views invariably shout the loudest. There is no point in arguing with most of them, it's the same old story; belief and passion in a 'good cause' always trump facts and reason, and the harder you try the further they bury their heads in the sand. Still, if you can talk to people in person, one can expect some success. I think that to the average bloke on the street seeing that we are not all bloodthirsty monsters is far more important than reasoned arguments. Especially if you point how much more you have in common with him than the vegan eco-terrorist types who are always so quick to condemn us. There is a worrying disconnect between the populace and fieldsports and the countryside in general though, something that was really brought home when I talk to people at uni about these things.

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    I am quite reserved about the fact that I enjoy fieldsports, but I do find that most of the colleagues and acquaintances I mention it to at worst have no opinion. They wouldn't necessarily be "pro hunting" but they certainly aren't anti. Some have been surprisingly interested and asked me all about it. Some didn't realise that deer stalking was a real thing that people do.
    Obviously I haven't told those people who I know would definitely get offended, but that's very few people really. I think (and hope) that it's a case of the people with the strongest opinions making the most noise. All we as sportsmen need to do is keep educating others and show that actually shooters are perfectly normal people and shooting is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.
    The most frequent thing people now say to me at work about shooting is "Please can I have some more venison when you have some?" after I've given it away to try.
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    There are aspects of hunting that I do not agree with
    Now I am not going to outwardly criticise them as it contributes to the chipping away at a general activity that the antis are also doing

    I must say though the people that attract the flak are the ones that post pictures of themselves next to animals that are already much loved cartoon characters or subject of David Attenborough documentaries.
    Am all for promoting "our sport" but long range target practice and shooting giraffe in a park is not the way to foster public opinion.

    to be honest why try?
    people will either be on board and comfortable with it or not.
    very few people change their mind when they are so vehemently against something

    its the open minded, couldn't really care, "oo this tastes good" crowd that we have more chance with

    strength in numbers and the sooner the various sporting organisations combine under one umbrella them better

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    Actually, I think opinion has been swinging more towards accepting field sports than away from it in the last couple of years, and in general that more and more people are coming to realise just how unsound the extreme views -on whatever subject- expressed on social media are.

    If we are going to talk about a bubble bursting, then its seems to me more likely that that bubble is the shaky public reputations of those organisations that feather their own nests, persecute/prosecute people, and promote hate crimes in the name of protecting wildlife.

    The SGA's recent initiative challenging those who seek to protect the blue hare with an "I'll show you ours if you show me yours" gambit, and the unique body of sound scientific evidence established over decades by the GWCT, also speak of a robust position based on verifiable evidence (exactly the line that needs to be held on lead).

    On a more trivial, but also more universal note, I've also been struck by how recent fashions in interior design have favoured hunting, shooting and fishing motifs, and how many of these products (fabrics, cushions, wall and table ornaments, etc.), which were previously available only from retailers specialising in the HSF sectors, have appeared in more mainstream, non-specialist outlets.

    Getting back to social media, I think a degree of "hate fatigue" is beginning to set it. Experience on forums suggests that people tire of aggressive trolling pretty quickly, and after a few bouts of vitriolic sparring most opt for a quieter life, going elsewhere or discussing matters in a more measured way. Some never learn, of course! In any case, how many people really want to spend their leisure time having their ears bent by ranting fanatics, let alone adopt their views?
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    In general I find the "radical anti" attitude is much more prevalent here in the UK.

    I work for a large global company and many of my colleagues are aware of my interests. Those from Germany, France, Scandinavia, the US, Russia and Africa frequently ask me if I've been hunting and fishing recently and are genuinely interested, even if they don't take part in fieldsports themselves. Here in the UK things tend to be much more surreptitious for fear of offending those of a more sensitive disposition, though I've had several requests for the "end product" of my pastimes. I see that as a direct result of the rise of the "celebrity chef" on TV.

    In general, though, I'd agree with Simon. Most people are ambivalent about it, and many aren't even aware how common deer are in the South of England unless they've had deer in their garden or allotment. What they know about deer they tend to have read in the papers or seen about on TV, in particular that the deer population is expanding and most "experts" agree they need to be controlled, even whilst at the same time we are protecting every badger and seal as though they were bordering on extinction

    I have given several talks now on deer to different groups of people. These talks focus on deer as a species, their history, their place in our culture and some of their characteristics (sense of smell, vision, antler regeneration, etc). I don't talk in detail about stalking and rifles, etc. as these subjects are normally only of interest to the stalking tyros. I do, though, talk about how deer numbers have to be controlled. Inevitably someone in the audience will ask about how we shoot deer (what caliber rifle and so on) but, having seen the maps showing the expansion of the deer population in the last 20 years, I've rarely been asked why we shoot deer. What I've found in general is that people are genuinely interested in deer but know very little about them, so anything we can do on factual education about wildlife (rather than the Disney-fication of wildlife that "popular" TV shows seem to enjoy, giving animals names, talking about them in human terms, etc) can pay dividends.
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