Great intel’ from watching their NV videos and 1st Class Customer Service.
Personally I think these guys are at the forefront of the NV scene, they are dedicated, know their stuff and have put together many informative NV videos which have guided me to my considered purchases these last 18 months. Guys, thanks for all those really helpful videos.
Recently, after many lengthy phone calls to Paul, I made further purchases from Scott Country which included the Pulsar N870 LRF with covert 940nm IR Nightmaster 800. At the point of ordering I omitted to say that I had the Sportsmatch dovetail adapters on my CZ527 .223 rifle. So when the N870 arrived the next day, great service, it included the weaver rail “sledge” fitting. A prompt phone call to Paul admitting my error has resulted in Scott Country sending me the dovetail “sledge” fitting at no cost, compliments of Scott Country, brilliant! Thank you. These days I find it very rare to get Customer Service of this calibre and high standard, congratulations to all at Scott Country.

Best Regards