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Thread: what is in the picture?

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    what is in the picture?

    Out doing a bit of roost shooting last evening and took this piccie - am no David Bailey but know a little bit about remaining unobserved - promise I am going to stop wishing I had a phone with a built in 300mm lens and start taking the Canon out with me.

    Clue: always a joy to get a moment with an animal usually only seen in the twilight.
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    Tawney by the looks of things. Great to see unless you're rearing Pheasants!

    Quite agree on the phone camera thing. 300mm f2.8 would be great if any phone developers are reading.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Spot on ID first time - definitely one up to the SD.

    If one were to read first the owl page on a well known bird charity website - the bird in the picture is the size of a pigeon - beats me which dimension they are referring to - length maybe?

    Fortunately this is not on a shoot which is a bonus if you enjoy roost shooting. The farmer does conserve deer - he likes to see them - and foxes - they keep his rabbits down????? - each to their own - I am just grateful for a few pigeons for the pot.

    This does mean that if anyone wants a Roe or Muntjac photo opportunity - not a problem they will stand there and bark at you all day.

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