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Thread: roe hit by car

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    roe hit by car

    Phone call this morning from a local land owner could I come out and deal with a roe that had been hit on the road. The asshole who hit the deer did not go back to the farm and tell the owner or report it to anyone just carried on his merry way.out I went hoping it wasnt a pregnant doe, arrived at the land and started stalking down the stream looking for this roe 200yrds later I see a roe going over the top of a bank in no hurry, so I followed it starting to think I might need a dog .over the top of the bank and no sign of it. Decided to stalk back up stream to my car and get my dog for a look but 100yrds upstream tucked into the side of the stream was a 6 point buck still alive but struggling to move shot and opened up to find ribs broken back legs broken scuffs nscrapes alonghips weighed it at 23kilos.I hope the ***** who didnt stop and tell the farmer has nothing but missfortune all his life

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    Success!! Good of you to take care of it and end the poor beast's suffering. Not good when they go this way. Some people have no respect, and just think of it as oh well and drive on.


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    Not that I would wish it on anyone, in this case however, if nothing else, hopefully there was sufficient damage to the car so as to 'remind' the owner/driver for his deplorable/inconsiderate/etc. attitude...............


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    How would the motorist know who to inform? I drive past woods and fields all the time and don't have the first clue who owns them.
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    There's no evidence someone didn't try and follow up. We have deer hit on the road by the house all the time, most of the time the driver stops with serious damage to their car and can't see a deer. The deer seem to be either 'dead' on site or they've 'run off' leaving no clue, possibly to die elsewhere.
    You've done a good service to that injured buck, well done, but as for blame - you just don't know happened - so I would bank the positive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    How would the motorist know who to inform? I drive past woods and fields all the time and don't have the first clue who owns them.
    Or the correct tools for the job I see you choose a rifle and a trained dog.

    possibly the best we could hope for is to make the work of
    more widely known so people know what to do.

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    Speaking from experience I have had a collision with a roe deer at 40mph at 00.00am and i got a shower of headlight glass, bent bonnet and deer hair stuck in cracks in my bumper. I assumed the deer would be dead but when I had a look (without a torch) there was no sign.
    It wasn't like I could do much else?

    The more important issue was how I got home in the dark with no headlights.

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    No the farm is 100 yrds up the road from where the deer was hit . One of the farmers neighbours seen the deer at the side of the road obviously alive but injured and the police station is only 3 miles away no excuse for leaving it

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    There is no requirement in law to report a collision with a wild animal,domestic animals yes ( not cats) and farm stock but not wild animals.
    Thats not to say you shouldn't but the question is to who, just because it's close to a farm , does not make it the farmers responsibility , in general the police are only interested if there is a possibility of it causing a further accident .

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