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Thread: 243 home loads

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    243 home loads

    I am getting rid on my 243 Sako to help fund a custom build. I currently have 50 rounds I have loaded myself. They are mainly in Lapua cases and some Sako. Both once fired. Bullet is 100 grain Sierra Gameking. Loaded with H4350 and chrono,d in my rifle at 2830.
    I am in Dumbarton and can offload them for 35 if anyone is interested. Face to face trade. Failing that I will give them to two shooting buddies.
    I have a fair amount of Lapua brass. All once fired.

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    I think selling reloaded complete rounds is not legal, bit dodgy litigation wise too.

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    is this legal ? typing a bit slow

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    I am in agreement with Druid

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    No no I'm afraid ... I would shoot or pull them.
    ... Altogether a rather better class of Remington 222 user ...

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    Not legal at all,

    As mentioned post op they have to be pulled or fired, or handed over for disposal,

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    Good quality components though!

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    Im interested on the legality issue. I was of the option that if the ammunition was transferred from one certificate to the other then that was indeed legal. At competitions many competitors load and supply ammunition to a ream mate. Please advise where in the firearms act this is prohibited.

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