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Thread: Birthday roe buck at the beautiful Cornbury park estate

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    Birthday roe buck at the beautiful Cornbury park estate

    Hi Chaps

    Just a quick write up, its my birthday today so I decided to book a AM stalk at the Cornbury park estate in oxfordshire.

    now I have stalked at cornbury once before and it was pulling me back as the estate is absolutely beautiful and extends to 6000 acres with open fields and mass blocks of woods you dream about as a stalker.

    so I rang Tom the stalker and booked in, now I must say when you enquire/book in with tom you know from the off extactly where you stand, there is no grey areas what so ever, as tom is a genuine straight talking guy and explains the prices very clearly indeed.

    I duely arrived at the larder at 5am this morning, we waited a short while for the light to improve then we headed off in his buggy, we drove though some stunning woods, valleys,fields , im not kidding the place is unreal.

    we arrived at the parking place and we set off on foot, we spotted several muntjac thoughout the stalk (approx. 20), some very close to use which was very nice to see.

    I was after a sika pricket or a roe buck so we stalked and stalked the woods/tracks/grassed valleys/rides and we saw fallow , roe does , and more muntjac.

    tom surgesed as the sun was shining on a top side of the wood, we stalk up there which we did now tom knows this land very well , as we where walking down the forest track tom said from this point forward we are getting in to roe ground, then by magic a 4 point roe buck was there looking at us so it was a get the rifle on the sticks time slowly slowly.

    it was obstructed with branches so after several tense seconds it ran to the left stopped and than ran again and stopped , by this time I was steady on the quad sticks so a clean quick neck shot was taken from about 70 yards.

    one very happy customer here,so if your after reasonably priced stalking on a stunning estate with a top notch straight talking guide then get booking guys.
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    tom I will be back

    Many thanks


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    Nice write up, sounds like a very nice estate.


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    happy birthday mate and well done,atb doug,

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    Good result Dave - great birthday present to yourself!
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    Well done Davie. Nice write up. A nice early start for you this morning then! It'll be early to bed tonight now you're that bit older.
    Only problem is that neck shot! How did you know it wasn't going to move, or that you're bullets were the right size, or that you hadn't knocked your rifle? It's absolutely terrible that you might have only just pulled that shot off at 70 yds.

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    They're not taking stalking outings now till January 2016 .

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    norma did you speak to tom the stalker direct ?????

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    Yes mate looks like they're all booked up or finished the cull for this season
    no probs
    cheers Norma

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