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Thread: RAW. Rice query

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    RAW. Rice query

    Hi folks,

    I'm thinking about moving my nearly 3yr old lab bitch over too RAW style diet ......she is on complete meal at moment but always pass very soft and very pale ...& the noises & smell from her in the evening are sounding like she's going to explode & could turn milk in blink of an eye !!

    Been looking at the "they love it " website minced chicken blocks ....seems ok value .....
    My query ..... I would prefer feeding a small percentage of grain or veg a bit too .... Say rice for example .... But I'm not keen on doing a big pot of rice for a few days then leaving to cool as I'm aware of Baccillus .... Basically what gives you major food poisoning from left over rice .

    So what do you add if any to your RAW. To help?


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    I buy 15kg of chicken carcasses from the local butcher for about 11 (whole chicken minus the wings legs and breasts) and supplement with other meaty bones, rabbits and venison off cuts. Much cheaper than buying it prepared but a little more work, he never wanted much in the way of veg etc but would sometimes have left overs from us.

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    I feed chicken carcasses whole for years. I feed complete nut one night every four. I have a couple of ten year old dogs with no health issues so i the nutrients from the skin, meat and bone must be pretty acceptable. I did have one dog that didn't digest the skin properly, so had to take him off it.

    Edited to add
    The benefits of about 1/4 of the rear end surprise is a major plus.

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    This is what we feed, not the cheapest, but it has made a real difference. The website does provide a list of ingredients, and you'll note it's 85% meat. Adding too much to bulk it out probably won't see the same benefits.
    Chicken formula - Adult - Nutriment

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    I have a number of books on raw food diet that I'm unlikely to ever read/use again. They're yours for the cost of postage if you want them and maybe you could pass them on to someone else when you are finished? All in weight is about 1.8 kg...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cheers, Nick.

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    Contact this guy best value I have found and he will deliver. If you are near enough I suppose you would be able to pick it up but I think he gets it from somewhere around Glasgow and delivers it that day.
    We have a dedicated dog food/animal bits freezer so get at least a months supply at a time.

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    Forgot to add we get cheap chicken pieces from the supermarket freezer sainsburys being cheapest at 4 for 2.5kg. Don't add much to this except if we are cooking rice for our dinner add extra to the pan and give leftovers to the dogs likewise with pasta. If we have a glut of eggs we add extras raw to the bowls. Most veg/fruit trimmings also go in the bowls.
    When you change over from complete the smell will be bad and loose will not be the word but as with any change of food it will settle after a couple of days. If I remember correctly when I rehomed a cocker we gradually changed his diet over about a week and avoided this.
    Any questions give us a shout.

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