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Thread: Sako 75 magazine.

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    Sako 75 magazine.

    Has anyone any ideas why, each time I fire a shot, the magazine drops out of my Sako 75 .243? Magazine clips in with a reassuring click each time it's inserted. It will not come out if I try to pull or push it out. It is not dented or damaged in any way that I can see. Advice from other Sako 75 owners would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Nope! Never had that in 15 years.

    There was a change to the design of the 85 mag because it was possible to release the
    Mag inadvertently in the field but I have not experienced that either.

    I suspect the mag catch internally is worn and Sako will do the parts.

    Not much help! Sorry.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at it in a moment.

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    Has your rifle ever been fully stripped down? If so the mag catch spring may have been replaced with the bolt catch spring and vise versa. The mag catch spring is a similar size but heavier weight. Had this once with a 25-06 dropping the mag when fired.

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    Thank you Dasherman. I've never had it stripped, but I bought it second hand a few years ago. It usually does it but not always. I was looking at it yesterday evening and thought it must be down to something to do with the catch. I think you may well be right. Really appreciate your advice. I'll investigate further now (it's raining this morning!) so no time like the present. I'll keep you posted.
    thanks again, R

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    Dasherman, I stripped the rifle (very very easy task) and found that the coil spring in the magazine release was indeed smaller (shorter) than the bolt release spring. I swapped them over and reassembled. Fired it a few times today; magazine doesn't fall out any more. It's fixed! Thanks very much for your advice; spot on.
    regards, Rupert.

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    Hi Doug, I must say I'm delighted that it's all ok now. I took my best friend (I've known him since our first day at primary school) out stalking last Saturday. He dropped the roe buck on the spot but when the shot was fired the magazine dropped out. That made him take his eye off the buck. Not good. However, the stalk was a memory to be treasured. Now my Sako 75 is not dropping the magazine it will make things much better. This is a great site isn't it?
    also, FYI, my Sako 75 .243 has the same model Meopta scope as the one you bought from me. They are cracking good aren't they? Cheers, R
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