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Thread: Tips on a storing a very short bullpup in Brattensound RL7?

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    Tips on a storing a very short bullpup in Brattensound RL7?

    Hello Gents,

    I have acquired a bullpup FAC Air. Just put it in my gun safe and it is so short that it is well below the foam supports / dividers.

    Need to find a better solution than just leaning against the side wall.

    Does anybody now a good, easy fix?


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    Cleaning rod in the barrel leant on the foam dividers?

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    just add more foam ,thats what i did stuck slabs of foam from an header tank no longer used in loft all around b/half of safe, you can cut your own slots or go too a tackle shop and get foam strips with cutouts for fishing rods, Heres another tip ive just this minute thought of ,the hollow pipe lagging foam stuff cut into lengths and slide over the end of your barrels simples!!!!god im good at scrimping,
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    Cardboard box cut to line the cabinet, those with a more blue peter approach could match the foam insert with a cardboard one glued to the correct height

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    Just get more foam dividers from brattonsound and install it lower down on the cabinet wall

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    Thanks Guys. I will contact brattensound and try to get more foam dividers - hopefully they just glue on? My safe is a tight dark corner so cannot see much inside.

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    I just finished lagging the water pipes in the loft - bloody awful job. Will have a look at the foam stuff, I used glass fibre stuff and it is a killer

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    the foam pipe stuff is light and everywhere split some and stick that on,double sided sellotape or silicone

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    Carpet tiles would also work
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    Mine sits on a box of shotgun cartridges

    As for light, I bought a magnetic, multi-LED, camping type light from Mountain Warehouse that sticks underneath the top shelf, job done

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