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Thread: Browning A1 TRAP.

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    Browning A1 TRAP.

    Back for sale...
    1972 Browning B25 A1 TRAP.
    unmarked black action.
    2 3/4 or 70mm chambers
    Original laquering
    Original soft recoil pad
    3/4 & full
    Wide motorway rib
    just serviced and oiled
    new lower ejector
    gold trigger
    double ivory beads
    rate this at 8.5/10

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    Price realignment... 900.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Price realignment... 900.
    Good buy, a classic gun.
    i would loose my marriage, if I were to purchase another gun!
    i should never have sold mine ! ( say that about all my past Brownings, but this along with the B2G are the best guns ever built!)

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    Thankyou for your positive comments. I had this up for 1,700 due to the B25's in any shape or form being desireable as donor actions for sideplated bespoke guns. The actions alone sell for what i'm after for the complete gun. If i was to sell the four parts it would probably make double my asking.Anyone after the parts??

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    What pressure is this gun proofed for? Are the bores chromed? & how about a decent photo or two RD?


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    PM me your email....I may be wrong but the B25's were never chromed. It has 2 3/4" chambers and can handle modern game loads.

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    PM sent RD.

    Doesn't it have the pressures stamped on it anywhere?


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    Pictures sent to all that asked.

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    Going on Guntrader today @ 1,100.

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    Price for SD members fixed at 900. Had two offers on it but it must be the only A1 in good condition under a grand?

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