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Thread: Help with scope repairs

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    Help with scope repairs

    Hi guys
    I have a friend that has an old mauser 6.5, its an old german snipers rifle I think and has the original scope with it, unfortunately the scope has seen better days, does anyone have any idea where it may be possible to have the scope repaired. The scope has/is a one piece mounting system that clips onto the rifle for quick detachability so its a case of trying to keep the scope and mounts original as possible, if the scope is fubared then not sure what his route is to mount another, I haven't got a pic at the moment as the gun is with an rfd who then sent the scope off to someone, they have come back with "they can't repair", so other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all.

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    You may have some sucsess with Mr Paul Burke, A consumate scope doctor, 0121 7881050
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    I have dealt with Glasgow Binocular Repairs in the past. They are on 0141 248 7179 and worth a call too.

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    Paul is their recommended doctor.
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    I am assuming it's a Swedish Sniper because the Germans didn't use 6.5mm. I believe they were fitted with a few different scopes Ajax 4x90 being one. If it is a Swedish sniper then it's a M41B now take a look here and see if it's the sa,e:-

    That's a American wholesale site. Hope that helps.

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    If it turns out that he needs a new scope look on e-bay and type in the search term ZIELFERNROHR. When it comes up with no results alter the search settings to "worldwide" and you should get about 500 and odd results from Every now and then an old scope shows up, but be warned, prices have started to climb over the last few years as Germans too have caught the e-bay bug. You may drop on lucky and find one by an unfashionable maker (ie, not Zeiss or Ajak) for between 60 and 100.
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    Thanks guys, appreciate all the info, I'll see if I can get my mate to get the scope back and I'll check which it is, the original ones seem to go for a shjt load of dosh considering so if it the right one it'll be easier to have it fully repaired. The guns action is fantastic and he's loathe to get shot of the gun for the sake of getting a scope repaired or replaced.

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