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Thread: Helle Temagami knife - laminated stainless

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    Helle Temagami knife - laminated stainless

    In a weird set of circumstances I ended up with several of these knives. I sold one last year leaving me with three (don't ask ) so if I sell one more than leaves me with just two, in carbon and stainless respectively.

    So, drum roll please:

    These are cracking knives with a (in this case) laminated stainless blade. The handle is a substantial size - ideal if you are like me and have big hands...

    Tons of information and positive reviews on the web.

    This one hasn't been used but the maker's mark etch is faint - it was like this when it arrived and got slightly worse when I gave the blade a quick polish prior to putting it into storage.

    The only other point of note is that the bottom of the cardboard tube the knife came in is a little tatty.

    75 delivered, insured and tracked, and if the buyer indicates they would like me to I will give it a seriously scary sharp edge before it ships out, instead of just sharp as it is now

    Thanks for looking

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    Ill take this please . Regards Stinger

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    Sold pending the usual, with thanks.

    The man said seriously sharp, so seriously sharp it is...

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    Received with thanks - tracking number will be provided on Tuesday, as discussed via PM

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    If you ever decide to sell one more send me a PM!!

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    Received today .. Many thanks , just away for a shave with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Received today .. Many thanks , just away for a shave with it
    Dont forget your legs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    Dont forget your legs!
    That was quick , one minute, are you stalking me instead of deer.

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