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Thread: Fantastic Stalk with 308Roebuck

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    Fantastic Stalk with 308Roebuck

    I am not usually one to post reviews or write-ups forstalking or fishing but I was out this morning with 308roebuck and wanted to publicallythank him for a fantastic mornings stalking.
    The ground was inspiring,full of lush glades surrounded by huge sequoias, monkey puzzle trees andmassive conifers. I love woodland stalking, and this morning’s stalk with Davidwas fantastic. We covered some ground but it wasn’t a tramp around the woods;far from it. We saw slots everywhere, and had seen two Deer on the way in tothe ground. Thanks to David’s keen eye within ½ an hour I had taken a smallBuck, and after its puddings had been removed it was hung up a tree so we couldcarry on and collect it at the end of the Stalk. We carried on to an area thathad been clear felled, and on the far side David pointed out a Deer that turnedout to be a Doe. We stalked in closer in and watched it make its way across,noticing that it kept looking behind. The Doe spotted us and bounced off, butwe continued to make our way closer to where the Doe had emerged onto the clearfell. David spotted movement and out ran two Bucks, the larger one behind. Theyhadn’t seen or winded us. David put up the sticks, I got the riffle ready andhe barked at them as they ran towards us. Eventually the larger one stopped tosee what was making the noise and I took it. All said it was a fantastic stalk,2 Bucks shot, 8 Deer seen, good company, wondefull surroundings, what more can you ask for on a Sunday Morning! Thanks David! Attachment 55862

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    Well done, looks like you had a fantastic time!!

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