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Thread: Anschutz match 54 .22

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    Anschutz match 54 .22

    my .22 Anschutz target rifle up for sale - fair condition for its age, heavy barrel, serial numbers of bolt and barrel match. Include diopter sights, bipod and hand-stop. 350 ono

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    back - up: 300 ono

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    Priced to go at at 270 - need to free up my slot on my FAC

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    Now priced at 250 (long weekend special) - not going to drop lower, as would rather hang onto this then. Had lots of interest so far, first come first served.
    You will find it hard to find another Anschutz Match 54 like this at this price. Just need to clear out my slot on my FAC (hence the price) as I dont use this anymore.

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    I have this same rifle, what a machine. If you want the ultimate accuracy rifle wack a scope on and shoot penny groups all day long at 50 yards or use it for match.

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    now priced at 230 (already been offered 200) so last chance to grab this at a bargain price.

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    This is an amazing rifle. I have the exact same one, and at that price it is a STEAL! Someone surely will grab it...

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