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Thread: first try at tracking

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    first try at tracking

    Well had a go at the tracking.
    After 8 weeks of Sikas poorly paw, it s heeling well so I took her for a spot of training, took Sika for her first try at deer tracking, got the harness, blood and skin.
    Set a trail of about 20 mtrs, left for about 2 hrs then brought Sika out, took her to near the start
    of the trail and watched her go. Once she got the scent she was off, i was pretty useless with the lead and camera cant really do multitasking but hubby wanted to see vid, so i had to have a go. She did find it and was really pleased with her, she is really keen took me a while to get back to the truck with her, camera, skin and the long long lead. Cant wait to get her out again to go abit further, i am getting advice, this is my first and i could very well get hooked on this tracking mallarkey.
    You might wanna turn the volume down I got a bit excited when she found it.....

    For all those experienced in this all advice more than appreciated.

    Trying to add video, dont know if it will work

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    Hi Michelle
    Well done and congratulations on your first track with her. It must be a great feeling to see her do the job!. Its great to see the video, I think generally we could do with seeing more tracking vids on the web, so keep up the filming.

    Tracking and Training

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    Well done on the first track. Don't rush to make the tracks to long to soon. Training once a week is plenty. Always lay the trail with the wind to your back this stops the dog tracking air scent and helps keeps the dogs nose on the ground.

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    Thanks for posting the vid Michelle, brought a smile to my face seeing your dog working, well done, I cant wait to get a dog now!...I wonder who was happier , you or Sika

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