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Thread: FAC Air Rifle

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    FAC Air Rifle

    The .22 RF is not that great on one of my permissions, so looking for an FAC air rifle.

    Any lurking in the Cabinet that need clearing out?

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    Have a LH Falcon FN19 lurking here..................stock might not suit a rightie though.

    About 18ftlbs power at present (think its easily adjustable) - 150 with Hawke scope.


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    There is a BSA superten FAC air rifle for sale on Hampshire smokery and gunrooms website might be worth a look. I know as it belonged to me, traded it in as it wasnt getting a lot of use

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    I've got a Daystate mk4 .22 FAC air rifle and custom moderator for sale. Trying to get a quick sale so selling for 700, it's in excellent condition!

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    Thanks guys. I am righty so left tie won't work.
    Haven't managed to contact them about the BSA yet. Any info on it? PM me if you prefer. Alton is not far from me.
    Daystate is a bit much for me thanks.

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    dc5 on here is selling a fac air dont know how much ,cheers doug,

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    dc5 on here is selling a fac air dont know how much ,cheers doug,
    Cheers again bud

    I was considering lowering the price to 550...minus the scope
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