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Thread: First buck of 2010

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    First buck of 2010

    08.30 Today
    Rang a keeper mate last night and asked if it was ok for a look round this morning , yes get yourself up , I have seen quite a few lately , so I thought this sounds good .
    Left home at 6am and arrived at the shoot at 7.15 , kitted up and set of being as quiet as possible , but the cock pheasants that have survived the season were as alert as ever !!!. Glassed around but saw nothing ,so kept going to a higher point to get a better view . Glassed again but nothing , so I decided to have a sit and wait for a while to see if a buck would show himself . After 20 minutes , still nothing so I thought nothing for it I would have to walk through the wood onto the other side , now the wood is in a valley bottom with a river in the bottom , steep sides , very muddy in places and a lot of fallen trees , so by no means a stroll !!! .So off I set , slowly and CAREFLLY negotiating a course, after about 10 mins something caught my I higher up the bank from me , I froze a looked up ther 70 yards above me, a buck , totally unaware I was in his patch . He continued to browse on a young tree , which gave me time to put the B+Q sticks up , and bring the rifle off my shoulder , onto sticks , safety off , crosshairs on him, BANG over he went , and yes you guessed it , he rolled all the way to the bottom 70 yards , finally resting against a boulder. Well jacket off , left my gear and down I went , which was bad enough , slipping and sliding , but trying to get him out was almost impossible .After 30 minutes of sheer hard graft and a lot of sweat , throwing him up in front of me and pulling myself up on tree roots and the like ,I made it out . I left the buck against a fence and returned for my gear which was a trek alone , but finally I was out and headed back for my motor , I was totally mud up and had to change into some spare waterproofs to drive home in . Photos took and a well earned coffee, I was on my way home . Great result
    ATB Brian
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    Nice one! I see you too use the B&Q Garden sticks ! I use Lamb castration rings (butch elastic bands) though fancy trying one of thoose biig black bands out of a car exhaust at some point...


    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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