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Thread: Limbsaver Recoil pad?

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    Limbsaver Recoil pad?

    Evening, I have seen a few bits on the internet about this all singing all dancing "limb-saver" recoil pad. I even watched a vid on YouTube of a petite lassie in USA shooting her 7mmRM with ease having fitted one of these fandango butt pads.

    i am wondering if anyone out there has experience of these and if they or a similar product are available in the uk market to fit my boyds stock on my 300wm. Not scared of the felt recoil but I would like to try and temper it.

    any suggestions would be gratefully received as long as they are sensible.

    thanks for your time.


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    We fit a fairly simple recoil pad to our stocks. Talking to the manufacturer at the IWA a few weeks ago he told me that they did tests with all the great names of recoil pads. The outcome was that their 32mm soft pad beat all in dampening and their 23mm pad second best to one the snazzy makes.
    A few years ago I had problems with my shoulder after shooting thousands of rounds (within 2-3 weeks) out of a light 12ga game gun at pigeons and fitted the 32mm pad. It made a huge difference.
    Only problem with these pads is, they must be ground to size. Not the easiest thing.
    If interested I can PM the supplier.

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    sounds exactly what I am looking for, PM coming your way Sir.

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    Hi Tam
    Soft recoil pads do lessen the bruising effect but be sure to get something that won't buckle sideways with the recoil. I learned that shooting black powder muzzle loading match rifles with metal but pads, shooting 100 grains of TPPH powder & 500 grain bullets.- adding a slip on rubber pad made group sizes open up considerably.
    We reduced recoil bruising by inserting lead filled copper pipes into the stocks &/or wearing shoulder pads (half bra type) or target rifle style shooting jackets. I have these you can borrow to try if you'd like.


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    The Limbsaver is very soft, so I would not put one on a really hard kicking rifle with a scope. A Pachmayr Decelerator is about as soft as I want on a rifle, but it a matter of taste. The Limbsaver is also pretty sticky, so it is a bit more difficult to quickly mount the rifle exactly. Mounting the rifle properly, having the right length of pull and drop, and pulling up tightly count for more than any recoil pad will.

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    Hi Tam, I put a Limsaver on my T3 300 WSM...recoil seriously tamed...I now enjoy shooting that rifle ! Go for it

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    good to hear from you Sir, do you suffer from what the gents above have highlighted?.

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    thanks for the input, I don't wish to place anymore weight on the rifle and I am not a fan of the target shooting jacket. Don't get any bruising it is actually not that bad to shoot however I am looking to tame the felt recoil ever so slightly, without using any other methods like wearing shoulder pads.


    taken on board, thanks.


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    Hee hee Tam - I knew that would be your answer!


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    Got my 11 year old lad shooting 24 gm through 20 bore no problem with a limb saver fitted. He couldn't take the recoil without the pad.


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