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    First Timer

    Yesterday afternoon I was scrapping a trailor which had rotted away ( it belonged to a mate that commited suicide ) when my nephew tunden up to give me a hand so because he gave me a throw I said to him how do you fancy having a shot with a rifle tomorrow as I needed to sort some zero problems.

    I arrived today to find the gate unlocked and him waiting.

    I had a play about find zero with one rifle and then another and gave him a couple of shots after some safety instructions with my 243 WSSM, bang bang bang a 2" group.

    Then I got out the 30-06 had a quick zero and let him have a go, Bang Bang Bang three shots in less than an 1 1/2" where am I going wrong at that age I was lucky if I could have hit the target ( but the equipment is much better ).

    He had never seen a stalki ng rifle never mind shot one before today.
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    yes but did you scrap the trailer,well done keith,atb

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    Fear not, sometimes someone just has naturally better abilities.

    My son is one example. On his first "real" deer hunt at age 13 he and I went out to friends farm. Our original plan was scrapped due to wind direction. Instead we opted to sit on a ridge over a small valley where I knew we would see deer - even if we had no shots. Leading up to this day we had spent many days on the range and with my .223 he was able to consistently hit clay pigeons out to 300 yards. Our stand was under a cedar, with a 20 inch oak log in front as a made to order bench rest.

    Within 30 minutes of first light a small group of does came out at 250 yards. I knew what my rifle would do - but had never taken a shot past 175. I still felt confident and lined one up, took the shot, and dropped her on the spot. I asked my son if he would like to try, as they were still calm. He lined up the farthest doe, and dropped her as cleanly as I dropped mine. Using the GPS we measured mine at 264 yards, and his at 287. My longest shot ever, eclipsed within 20 seconds by his first deer.

    The moral of this is that sometimes the new guys dont realize what they are doing is "difficult" - and sometimes we old experienced guys decided ahead of time that something is more difficult than it really is.

    A month later he proved this was not a fluke - we were shooting crows with the .17 hmr and he would best me again and again.

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