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Thread: .17 HMR optics

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    .17 HMR optics

    I was using a .17 HMR with a Zeiss scope (6x42) last evening, and could not see anything in a tree which was quite close - 30 metres away. Once I picked up the Swarovski Binos (10x42) the difference was incredible. Whilst I appreciate the difference in magnification etc.. I had not up until now noticed such a difference in the scope to bino comparison. Any suggestions for what people are using on top of their .17 HMRs please? I think I think I may need an upgrade?

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    I use a Leupold on mine but as I suspect the vast majority of 17HMR shooting is done within 100 yards it really doesn't matter that much what you use. I've had various Hawkes on mine plus the Leupold and an MTC they all worked perfectly well, it is after all a rimfire.

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    I use a Meopta Artemis 7x50 on mine; seems pretty clear to me. I'd never change.

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    This could be because the 6x42 have their parallax set for 100m and you were trying to look at something really close.......
    However, with the 10x42 binos you are able to vary the focus distances to what you are viewing hence clarity.

    Or the Zeiss need a service....


    PS 4.5-14x44 Zeiss Conquest, plex reticle
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    Swaro z3 4-12x50 with the BRX reticle is a good tool for the HMR. I can't remember @ which mag but at one point, the lines give a good match for the .17hmr trajectory. There was a good value second hand one on here not so
    long ago too.

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    BSA are doing rim fire etched reticule scopes with yardage - I don't have one but have had a look and it seems like a great idea
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    BSA sweet 17

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    i have a sweet 17 i was selling on here cheap to be honest mines a solid scope i had it on a 22lr for twelve months then on my 223 for a couple till i got a 7x50 for it of rupert above,never let me down didnt lose zero at all plus lamping still in good nick good spare for the price,

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    I use my HMR either in daylight or with NV or a lamp so have found I don't need the same quality of glass as I do on my stalking rifles, however I do need a fine enough reticule and sufficient mag to be able to shoot accurate at long range but thick enough to see when using a lamp. I've currently got a Burris Fullfield ii with the E1 ballistic ret and it works very well for me.

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    Hawke Sidewinder 6-24 x 56 for day and Night vision

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