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Thread: First Scope

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    First Scope

    Hello Guys,

    Can I get some input for a first scope?



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    Hi Jeff,

    Whats it for mate? As an all round scope I think its hard to beat the Schmidt & Bender 8x56. its widely accepted as a real jack of all trades master of most job. They cost around 500 new, for a Hungarian one, and less second hand. IMO it doesnt matter if its new or second hand (condition is important obv.). Look on Fleabay for second hand and for new. You should get a fair few answers but that would be my top guess.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff View Post
    Hello Guys,

    Can I get some input for a first scope?


    Jeff, come on, give us a clue? What's it going on? What are you going to use it for (driven boar, woodland stalking, open hill stalking, targets etc. etc.) and most important what's your budget?

    Given that you have not told us any of the above, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, Zeiss or Kahles are top of the line. Doctors, IOR, Nikon and Leupold are all reasonable makes too if you are on a tighter budget. Or you can look on sites for quality second hand, I can personally recommend this site;

    I bought a S&B 7x50, ex display, from them for a good discount. I wish I had bought the 8x56 instead.

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    I'm far from an expert on scopes as I've only ever bought one and I've only ever needed one - an 8X56 S&B. I picked it up 2nd hand for 250 and am sure I could sell it for at least that today. It does everything I need it to do. Unless you have some very specific requirements that it just will not meet I'd give the 8X58 S&B another vote. I would also agree that 2nd hand is worth looking at, it will leave you some cash for some stalking. Macleods of Tain get a good reputation and often have a lot of 2nd hand stock.

    In saying all of this I've had a look through an 8X56 Swaro on a few occasions and the sight picture through it is better. It can't see any better in low light and the optics aren't really any better but I think the wider field of view makes it feel slightly "better" in some way. I wouldn't change my S&B to the Swaro and I've no idea what 2nd hand prices are like on them but if the 8X56 S&B appeals to you then the Swaro is also worth a look if you can get one for the same money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff View Post
    Hello Guys,

    Can I get some input for a first scope?


    give this is a deer stalking web site and your are a novice, might i suggest a european fixed power scope of 6x42 or as previously stated 8x56 with A4 crosshairs.

    As PS , i would like to add that get what you can afford and get out stalking, dont sit and save. I shot more deer with an old simmons WTC than I do now and you can still pick them up for less than 100.

    And once you have good glass, shooting becomes expensive as you cannot go back........

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    As per caorach, I'm no expert, but am very happy with my scope, perfect for a tight(er) budget - Leupold VX-i 3-9x50... about 250 new

    (and I've had a Simmons WTC for the last 15 years - still going strong and a great wee scope - but that is for bunnies )

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    As has been said to start out you wont go far wrong with a S&B 6x42 or 8x56 or similar from the other big european makers.


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    Hello Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    just to let you know, I am a novice, Have to start somewhere. I have been taken out Stalking in Ireland with my uncle, I have decided to take the next step, so sorry for my ignorance.

    I have a Tikka T3 Hunter .243 coming soonish and am thinking scopes for hunting Deer.

    I am hearing all sorts of things, Get high end ones, don't get expensive ones. then I start reading about them and im in a spin.
    Thought the best thing to do would be to ask the experienced.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for all the input guys.

    Cheers Jeff.

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    try a few out, your eyesight is the key factor in this, its not always price / build quality or reputation that sways the descision. ive had alsorts of scopes, S+B, swarovski, lecia, tasco, simmons to name but a few. to be honest i carnt really see much difference between the high price scopes when it comes down to image quality. i have settled with meopta after nearly 15 years of other scopes. for me the meopta artemis 2000 7 x 50 is by far the best scope i have used (buld quality, relaibilty, clarity, reticlue choice,warranty and price taken into consideration). infact i have just bought another one for my 270! I am not saying it is "better" than anything else but for my eyes it would seem that it is!

    Main thing is to try them out for your self.

    happy shopping


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    I see buck52 has just put a Swaro 6x42 for sale in the classifieds section for 200.


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