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Thread: ASE Ultra Jet_Z Compact 25 cal - OK for 6.5mm?

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    ASE Ultra Jet_Z Compact 25 cal - OK for 6.5mm?

    Anyone use one of these on a 6.5mm?
    The website shows the 25 cal version as suitable for 243 and 6.5mm.
    I already use it on my 243 so would like to avoid having to buy another mod.
    If you convert 6.5mm to inches it comes out at 0.256 in. A 6.5mm head does fit but there's a gnats c**k in it.

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    This has been covered loads of times , it all depends on how good your muzzle thread is concentrically to the bore

    a 6.5mm bullet head is about 6.7mm diameter I think guessing

    whats the I.D of the hole in MM in the end of the mod ?

    Im sure there's loads on here who do use them but it all has to be right or its disaster

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    It is recomended on the ase website to use a .25 on 6.5 cal rifles, I followed there advice but used a spigoted thread

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    Many thanks for the replies.
    I ran all the calculations and looked at the manufacturers website. They approve it, but I really couldn't see it myself.
    Spoke to the UK importer and they advise that the tolerance is too tight to be really safe. Heavier bullets could yaw slightly and because it's a long projectile this does push the limits of tolerance.
    You'd always be worried each time you pulled the trigger.

    I have an Aimsport in 30 cal but threaded 1/2 inch. Guess that's the answer.

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    this is what im doing at the moment ,ive been on to ase themselves and they even recommend it, BUT ITS THE MAX ,allways check as best you can i do have two slots but im a miser,not a miser just skint ,so im going to stick mine on my 6,5

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    Use mine on my 260 with no problems....

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    i now use mine on my 6,5 no worrys

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    i asked a question close to this about the ase cqb once. and could it be used on a 243 even though they recommend it for 22 cf rifles and Tuukka Jokinen who works for ase and is a member on the airgunbbs forum gave me this reply

    hi jamie yes, the jet-Z CQB can be used on 6mm calibres as the bullet channel is 7.3mm.

    Bullet channels for the jet-Z family;

    jet-Z CQB and CQBS, 7.3mm
    jet-Z COMPACT .25 calibre, 7.6 mm
    jet-Z COMPACT .30 calibre, 8.7 mm

    Best Regards!

    Tuukka Jokinen
    Ase Utra sound suppressors

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