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Thread: Hornet Questions

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    Hornet Questions

    Morning all, I'm thinking of moving away from 17HMR and have a few questions that hopefully some members with experience might be able to help me with. The rifle will be mainly used for rabbits and the odd fox encountered on bunny sorties. The realistic alternatives for me will be 17hornet or 22hornet and eventually I'll be reloading.
    Firstly, how many manufacturers are now chambering for the 17hornet?
    How does muzzle report compare in both these calibres and compare to the HMR? (I will be using a mod anyway)
    Pro's and con's of both hornets (against each other)
    Will a SAK mod be effective on either of the hornets?
    Thanks in advance for any helpfull replies
    ATB Lee

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    Depends rather on whether you want to sell your rabbits, the two Hornets can be pretty devastating compared with the 17HMR.

    As far as reloading is concerned, if you are shooting a lot of rabbits do you really want to be spending all that time reloading? The 22 Hornet is easy enough to reload once you have mastered it, having used all three of these I would think the 17Hornet would be a bit of a fiddle to reload.

    The 17 Hornet is very accurate and flat shooting and will take down a fox at sensible ranges, personally I think the 17HMR is possibly still the best option for rabbits but I do love my 22 Hornet and it will do pretty well everything I need it to. It's just a nice calibre.

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    Thankyou old keeper, I headshoot the rabbits and keep nearly all of them so impact damage is not a problem. I'm not shooting mass quantities and enjoy reloading so no probs there either.
    Can you enlighten me on the report side of things please as I've never heard either of them used?
    Thanks again Lee

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    Have you considered a 22wmr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy7mm View Post
    Have you considered a 22wmr?


    check you can buy ammo freely but I agree
    much nicer round to shoot
    less destructive than the .17HMR but has more energy to knock foxes down

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    I have considered the WMR, but want to avoid the possibility of ammo supply issues and I've got 22lr and just fancy reloading for a small CF. This totally eliminates supply problems. I've had several ammo issues with the HMR (different batches, mis-fires, split cases etc) and I've also seen the consequences of a squib round in my father's HMR. He's lucky to still have all his fingers! I've got 22-250 for out and out fox blitzing, and suppose I just really fancy the sound of hornet, and most prob the 17 version, as I do like the characteristics of the 17 round i.e fast and flat shooting without really going up to 17REM.
    Thanks for the replies though. Anyone using 17hornet?
    ATB Lee

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    I've just switched to 0.22H for my bunny gun having previously used .17HMR and .22WMR, I don't shoot in massive numbers generally 5-10 stopping at 10 if not going to the dealer as processing the rabbits the next day takes too long with big bags!

    I was initially interested in the 0.17 but chatting to 2 RFDs they gave me highlighted that there is a much wider choice of consumables for the 0.22 and it was a tried and tested calibre, I got told secondhand of how some people had had .17s and struggled to get them to shoot and first hand by a couple of people of how good they are.

    I went for the 0.22 in the end and haven't regretted it one bit, loading for around 28p per round, its very accurate out to 100 opening out to around 3-4" at 200 but I am using 35gr v-max which don't have the best BC, I think with a heavier bullet the 200 yard group would shrink.

    It does similar damage to body shot rabbits to the 55gr BT coning out of my 0.223 but as you say if you head shoot its not an issue, noise wise modded it is marginally louder than the HMR and WMR with a bit more of a crack, much quieter than the 0.223 though.

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    I think the sak would be out of it's comfort zone on the .22 hornet,couldn't say re the .17hmr.
    I used a t4 mod on my hornet. Nicely proportioned (much less bulk than the t8),not too heavy, not too expensive and it's quiet.
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    Thanks Boydy47 and private fraser, your input is greatfully received. I thaught I'd be asking a bit too much of the SAK (only asked as I already have it on my HMR).
    I'd still really like to hear from anybody with first hand experience with 17hornet? I wonder where Muir is? He's bound to have one! I think I'll PM him.
    Thanks again men.
    ATB Lee

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    SAK mods are rated for hornet according to Jacksons I believe, early DM80 on mine does a good job and doesn't add too much length
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