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Thread: Great start to the buck season for me and the dog.

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    Great start to the buck season for me and the dog.

    Just thought I'd share a few weekend exploits, and a few first for me and the dog.

    My little Teckel now nearly 16months old, untill this weekend had yet to get a deer shot over him.
    The weekend saw myself and toad in our syndicate ground, with the dog by my side.

    I stalked a small ride, which eventually leads to a massive clearing, and the dog gave the 1000yrd stare, as Toad rightly said I'll have to read the dog when he tells me there a deer close by or far away, and it's still a learning curve.
    But he definitely winded something, nose in the air but absolutely dead still.
    A few steps forward and I saw a buck making his way to the trees, some 200yrds to my left, this could have been what he winded, but he just vanished.

    I backtracked, and made my way around another ride, which leads to the same clearing, but now you're able to look back at where you once were.
    In the space of 10-15minutes when I eventually got the spot and now looking back saw a doe feeding, in the exact same spot the dog and I were walking and observing the buck!

    Right in front is a small mound and I made my way to the top to observe a nice 360 arc of view, all the while I was looking at the doe.
    The dog started to whimper, and I thought he was being impatient, me still looking at the doe,
    A few minutes passed and he's really whimpering, not loud, but loud enough for me to notice, and his tails going and he's fixated on something in front.
    Then I spot two heads lying in the tall reeds, a doe and a buck.
    They both get up, a the dog is now totally beast mode, locked on and shaking they dart off and disappear, I'm left think, you ****, then a few minutes later they appear some 150yrds away.
    The both eventually continue to move, and I cant get a shot, until the buck stops in a clear fell, I'm pinging away with the range finder, and pull of the longest shot of my stalking career to date.
    Off the sticks and the buck drops dead instantly.
    We get close to where I think he is and let the dog off, and he finds the buck no problem, with the rudimental shake of the neck and bite of the arse, were both ecstatic.

    A first for the dog and myself, and I couldn't be happier.
    The following evening, saw me make a plan to sit and wait on another clear fell area, the dog again immediately giving a strong sign deer close by.
    We both sit and wait on a stump, all the while the dog's whimpering, and foolishly I think he's being impatient again.
    Sit him on my lap, and he's still whimpering.
    Were sat there for 30minutes when he stops and starts to stare again, and shure enough I see a glimpse of an arse, and then there she is, another doe.

    I'm convinced she was in the clear fell all along, while the dogs telling me there something there, another lesson learnt.

    For the weekend tally both myself and toad end up with a brace of bucks each, the dog gets his first deer shot over him, and manages to find both fallen deer, going over the clear fell like a ferret.

    I couldn't be happier in all honestly, and the shot was rather of a bonus.
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    very nice write up arwel ,and well done with the dog,regards doug,

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    Im trying in vain to post pics of the little guy with his first deer,but it's just not happening.

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    Do you stalk with your dog at heel or on a lead?

    im not in a position to get a deer dog for another few years but always interested in all the breeds and how they can be trained to be steady and walk to heel and not have to be on a lead.

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    well done mate. It's a great experience when the dog becomes part of the hunt as well as useful for finding them after the shot. It's onwards and up from here now. Learning to trust them and read them is the key. Like you I'm still learning to read the dog, but that all adds to the fun of improving ones skill.

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    it was a great weekend mate

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    Brilliant, bring him to Devon next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    Do you stalk with your dog at heel or on a lead?

    im not in a position to get a deer dog for another few years but always interested in all the breeds and how they can be trained to be steady and walk to heel and not have to be on a lead.

    I use a GSP bitch for deer & can comfortably have her walk to heel off the lead for about 6 hours. I have had another 2 other GSP's though that it would have been easier to teach to read than walk to heel off the lead.

    The current one is very eager to please whereas my previous ones were rather too keen on pleasing themselves.

    Having struggled with getting GSP's to do this in the past, this will be the main trait I look for in my next one, when that time comes. This is what they spend 99.99% of their time doing; let's face it, almost any dog you could go & get from a dog pound would be able to follow a 50/100 yard blood trail & find a runner. However I would say that you would want a bit of hunting instinct if you are wanting the dog to indicate deer. It's finding a happy balance between a calm, biddable temperament & a keen hunting instinct that's the main challenge & I feel far more able to choose wisely now after a couple of more difficult experiences.

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    That's why I went for a x breed. The breeding was completely intentional of a GWP dog with a lab bitch. My bitch has good drive and good tracking ability, while still maintaining the instinct to air scent. Very biddable and will heal for hours even at only 9-10 months she will do a days stalking with a couple of little breaks where I throw her a stick or something for 5 mins then get back to it.
    She's just over a year old now and improving al the time. She'll have a bit of a break through summer as stalking is limited for me but this winter should bring her on considerably. There's alot of great breeds out there but some of them are just to specialist or carry a particularly strong trait of one sort or another for my liking. What breed would you look at next time?

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