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Thread: lee auto prime primer case / holder

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    lee auto prime primer case / holder

    HI ALL in mega rush for this
    I have a lee auto prime from when I was going to start to reload for my .223 I never did get round to it before I changed up to .243
    I have been getting the bits and bobs together and I,ve just gone to start to prime some cases and AAAAARRRGGGHH the auto prime only has the primer case / holder for the smaller primers fitted so the primers for the .243 wont go down the hole .....I cant find a replacement primer case on the net as the model I have was discontinued in 2010 so does anyone have the older round case / holder that you fill with primers so they can drop down into the slot for inserting into the case
    as in picture

    fingers crossed


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have a Lee Hand Primer but not the one with the tray
    its a one by one affair but has the No.2 shell holder and Large rifle primer attachements

    you can buy it (15 posted) or borrow it and return it

    just sell yours as a Small Rifle .223/.222/.20 primer

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    Try spud1967 he holds all that type of gear.

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