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    If the British Deer Society is the one national organisation that has deer at is core why does it not evolve to embrace stalkers in the changing political landscape?

    Will it go the same way as the NRA?

    If their are members of the BDS on this site I absolutely implore you to lobby the BDS to change the way they function and to become member based for the good of deer and deer stalkers.

    If not the wind of change will blow them away.

    The RSPB goes from strength to strength why not the BDS?

    What are the member numbers?

    No dummies no agenda this is 2010 and we need a voice.

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    When you state "the RSPB goes from strength to strength why not the BDS", the answer IMHO is simple - deer management involves killing deer. How many 'ordinary' people will sign up to that??

    If you check the BDS website they have 6,000 susbcribing members. They are not a stalking organisation, although they have a lot of stalkers as members, mostly I would guess because stalkers have deer welfare at heart. It is an interesting question as to whether - if it became exclusively stalking focused - they would gain or lose members. My own guess is the latter.

    If you look at the DMQ website ( you'll see that, currently, there are 15.478 people registered for DSC1, of which 14,348 have completed it. Leaving aside all the arguments of DSC1/DSC2, if you really want the BDS to embrace stalkers, you might be better off lobbying all those DSC1 holders to join BDS


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    good point, well made.

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    As Willie Gunn, said the B.D.S. is not a stalking organisation its for people who have an interested in Deer, in what ever form.
    In fact over the years I think it has become less stalker orientated, when I first joined 30 odd years ago they had a membership
    category for stalkers this was dropped sometime in the 80s

    Some of the area groups are quite stalking orientated, some areas no longer have a group due to lack of interest, or more probably the time involved for people to run them.

    The B.D.S. is far from perfect, but its all we have, don't know how you can change that

    Starting a new organisation has been suggested by some, would it get enough support, are there enough stalkers who would join to give it enough clout, we are awash with shooting organisations clamouring for our subscription fees is there room for another one, I have my doubts.

    These are my thoughts on it I would be interested to see what others think.

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    Colin why not join the BDS and you become the voice, you know what you want to say ,Ive been a member for 30 years, Ive seen people come and go those that have tried to change things always seem to go first, the people at the top don't want our ideas, when Sir this and that come up with the idea its a different ball game .

    Then they'll tell you there a charity but only for" Deer " Ive yet to find out just where the money is actually use in that field of thought, most certainly not in Scotland but were a third world country.

    When it comes down to branch level your back with the men so to speak, were all on the wave length your on ,the implementation of anything other than branch level has nothing to do with the members, its been tried before you've got to have some sort of name to yourself first .

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    The BDS is there for everyone, its up to us to use it. I am involved with the SWS Branch and can say from experience we try our best to make sure Stalking gets a positive voice in SWS. The SWS Branch organise 7 range Days, at least 1 Best Practice activity day, Dogs for Deer, Taxidermy, Advanced Marksmanship course, Re-loading, Firearm Licensing officer briefing to name but a few. The BDS is there for us so lets use it.

    The membership is poor and every year we try to attract new members by providing what the membership ask for or what feedback we get from Game fairs etc, but still the same old faces keep turning up with the odd new face. Join today or attend a SWS BDS organised event and support the good work done by this organisation.

    Regards Dalkur

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    I follow your argument Dan and believe there is some virtue in what you say. I am, however, more of the opinion that working together under the auspices of an umbrella organisation is a far more robust way of defending all aspects of shooting sports rather than every discipline having to fight its own corner. The absence of any real interest in a national branch of the BDS over here led to the formation of BASC's Deer Stalker Network Wales (link). To be honest, not much has come of this either, but we live in hope. Would something along these lines on a UK wide basis tick any of the boxes for you?
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    We might be awash with organisation and some might say the BDS is there to be used. But unless they change there (were not for deerstalkers policy) no one will really believe they are there as a stand up organisation for the deerstalker. We have more deerstalker now than ever before in our history and we have more trained deerstalkers than ever. IMHO We need an organisation that stands up just for the deerstalker and has no other interests to take aways its attention.All the other organisations have more important things to deal with why deerstalkers give then there hard earned cash i have no idea.

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    Echoing what Dalkur has posted:

    I am part of the NW BDS branch and an active committee member.

    We organise the following; 3 branch shoots per year plus we have an active team participating in two Interbranch Shoots per year (One against NE england, SW Scotland and SE Scotland), the other an Interbranch shoot against Yorkshire and NE England.

    We also run various other activities that have included; Dogs for deer training, visits arranged to various deer park / estates, visits to Border Barrels, PRS, Stalkers Evenings, guest speakers, DSC Preparation, visits with Royal Forestry Society, deer watching on various "ground".

    We also represent the BDS at branch level at various local shows.

    All this takes time and effort to arrange on a voluntary basis.

    We ask members what thay want us (the committee) to arrange and we deliver.

    Yet (and again this is representative across numerous branches) we get a 5% - 10% turnout at events.

    Stalkers are very well represented in the NW branch.

    The BDS are pro deer management, pro training / education and pay quite a tidy sum each year into research for deer related matters, all this funded from membership fees, donations and charity.

    They get my vote.

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