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Thread: Munties & bullet weight

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    Munties & bullet weight

    So, a few of you may have noticed I'm in the game for a new rifle, I'm also going to take the time to sort out which ammo to use henceforth. Historically I've used Fed 100gn in my .243, but a) they're getting too damn expensive and b) although I've always shot well with them I've often wondered will a lighter load be better.

    I understand 243s are inherently more accurate (better stabilisation/flatter trajectory) with a lighter load, 50 - 75 gns (or so the saying goes)... but will a lighter load be more or less effective on munties (my primary target)?

    Also, man in shop showed me some 105 gn RWS rounds at about 16 a box (8 cheaper than the Feds)... but that just sounds way too heavy in .243... any thoughts?

    Advice/thoughts as always greatly appreciated.


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    What rifle do you have and do you know what the twist rate is?

    You generally need at least a 1 in 9 to stabilize a 105 grain bullet

    Stick to what works in your rifle after all how many rounds do you shoot a year

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    I shoot mainly Munties on my patch mate,

    I shoot them with either my .223 T3 with RWS 50gSP or if l'm waiting on a Possible Roe, my .308 with SAKO 123g.

    Both kill adequately, l came aaway from Fed 50g in the .223 as they were seporating violently in 1/2 shots taken.

    I've shot two Bucks this weekend with the .223 - both dropped to the shot (engine room) both broadside and with little meat damage - the .308 has slightly more (exit wound usually is 2" dia hole!). Its all about the placement of the shot with Munties.....

    Hope this helps,


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    Stig, my mate Alan uses both his .243 and his 30-06 for everything, including munties, neither do excessive damage. He uses Lapua 100gn in the .243 and 180gn in the 30-06. Dead is dead and if you use a good bullet it will not expand too violently. Find what works for you and stick with it. Try the RWS 105's and see what your rifle makes of them. Mine didn't like them in 140gn HP (6.5) but my mates Styer loves them. Mine loves Federals, or did when i could get them, his is not so keen. Go figure as our American cousins would say.

    Atb, ft
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    I like the 105gnRN for muntjac in my .243. Hits them hard and they don't get up. They also cope well with the odd bit of cover getting in the way.

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    I tried those 105gn RWS bullets in my sako and couldn't get less than a 2" group but it will shoot Norma 100gn SPs all day long. Find a bullet that is accurate and stick to it - I use 100gn for everything from fox to fallow and I've had no issues with them. Munties can be tough little blighters for their size, so I'd be wary of using a light, frangible bullet designed for varmints.

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