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Thread: Panic sets in on a hog hunt!

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    Panic sets in on a hog hunt!

    I bet he was glad he had plenty of bullets and a clean change of underwear!



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    Felt a bit seasick looking thru his scope leading up to the first shot.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Felt a bit seasick looking thru his scope leading up to the first shot.......
    I just sent him this photo, it might help as he was using a stick he picked up on the way to the stalk.


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    Good call!
    although I'm not sure shooting off sticks is popular In the states (from what I've seen on videos etc)? I get the impression it's seen as a bit pansy, but I might be wrong.

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    Pretty extreme case of lead poisoning. :-)

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    i think the first shot was the only one that was aimed ,

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    6.5 Grendel with 123 gr sst. Not surprised it took 14 Rnds.

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    From some running boar and running deer shooting at BSRC Bisley I would say nowhere near enough lead given on those early shots once it took off to the right.
    Interestingly the old time lion hunters used to recommend kneeling down to shoot at a charging lion incoming as the shots would be consistently level with the lion coming in at you and if standing you were constantly tracking the rifle muzzle down, increasing the risk of missing over the top if you didn't get the tracking right. Makes sense but would take some b4lls to kneel in front of charging lion


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    Yah I've heard that too. Take some serious stones but I guess experienced white hunters experienced it pretty regularly.
    Also, I wouldn't take a Grendel after hog. Not hunted boar but that just seems WAY under gunned for me.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Texas Cowboy springs to mind

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