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Thread: Balistic apps for Nokias

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    Balistic apps for Nokias

    I have a new phone coming soon and wondered if anyone knows where I can get a ballistic
    calculator app for a Nokia 5800. I'm new to the world of smart phones so any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure about the Nokia's but Ballistic FTE is what you need if you can get it. I would be surprised if this or something similar wasn't available for your Nokia.

    You would be better off asking on one of the following forums

    You will get an answer to your question if you post on any of the above.



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    Hi mate iStrelok is available but is very basic , there is an app called Shooter for android phones never used it looks quite good uses G1-G8 drag models, We find Ballistic FTE is very accurate i use this on a ipod touch also Bullet flight and isnipe can be put on the ipod, as with all these apps you need accurate data for them to work well.

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    Don't know about Nokia, but there are several on the IPhone and "Ballistic" the standard version is very good. Also have "Let Fly" but that's more basic. I would imagine as phones are now more than just phones that the authors of these apps would want to get them on to as may makes as possible.

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    Lee at Border Barrels probably has the lowdown on this subject, might be worth an e-mither?
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