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Thread: How confident are you with the efficiency of your Firearms department

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    How confident are you with the efficiency of your Firearms department

    I have just had a request to furnish an Agent with a copy of my FC and EFP to enable me to book a trip on Driven Boar this December and January.
    Ok no problem says I and digs out the relevent documents.
    My FC and EFP expire 3rd January 2016 so I am going to have a situation where I am really going to have to rely on the efficiency of good ole Wiltshire Firearms Department.
    The last renewal I did was much the same and they did a good job then so I am hoping they are still up to it.
    I have been told I can expect to start the renewal procedure around October and provided I get all the paperwork filled out correctly, I usually do so no problems expected there, I can expect it all to go well and be given my new FC and EFP on Friday 1st January.
    Does anybody else have such faith in their repective departments to the extent that they go ahead and book trips where they know they will need their old FC right up to the last minute and their new one days before a prospective trip ?

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    Where do I start -------- NO

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    With Derbyshire's current performance NO !!

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    At last renewal, with TVP, I sent in my renewal papers 4/5mths before expiration of the current certificate (Nov) and had it back before the old one expired.
    May I suggest that your renewal application is forwarded significantly more than their minimum processing time (TVP say 60days), with a cover letter as to why this early, including that the Christmas break is also likely to have an impact on the function, and your necessity in making arrangements for the following year and would not miss if at all possible.

    Once submitted I also found it helpful to keep my renewal on the FEOs radar by contacting them to establish when they will call, rather than them waiting to contact me - if anything this is an opportunity to flag up your urgency so your application may be expedited.

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    Time for another fees increase I think!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    If I could drag my house the 4 miles over the Wiltshire border I would!

    A&S are ok but Wiltshire are stuff of legend
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Durham - what can I say!!!!!
    Last encounter was a 120 day period to renew my Black Powder license. This included a full security background check! They must have forgotten that I have a RFD, FAC, SGC and Explosives license already and have had a licence of one sort or other since 1969!
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    At the moment i wouldnt rely on ours even opening the envelope,

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    I applied for a variation from Devon and Cornwall, it was back within a week. I have no complaints about them, always very helpful providing you do your bit right.

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    3 weeks of phoning a few times a day before I managed to speak to someone from the Lincolnshire office...... I have never had an issue with them before now but that was disgusting. I wont hold my breath once my shotgun certificate needs renewing at end of the year.

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