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Thread: Deer stalker hat

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    Deer stalker hat

    I am thinking of getting a deer stalker hat ,anybody know a good place to get one at a good price ? Cheers Tom

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    Crockets in Glasgow have them if you are in that area.

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    These hats are great for wet weather,stops the rain going down the back of your neck,iuse one all the time.However they are not good for taking a shot as when you lie prone they have a tendency to get tipped forward by the back peak hitting the collar of your jacket.Like most people that use them mine tend to end up on side to side like Napoleon wile takinga shot.I would advise checking your mates for cameras because iv`e been caught a couple of times looking like a prat!!

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    Brockelhursts in Bakewell do goo ones.

    Ide go for a Sherlock job myself though.


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    +1 on hummel's comments.

    I have a deer stalker from Hunter's of Brora - it's great for keeping the water from dripping down your neck but bu**er all use when lying prone. I now stalk in a gore-tex baseball cap, although I have a fur trapper's hat for when it's cold, an Orvis packable hat for when it's not, an Austrian loden jagdhut for when it's dark, etc.

    Perhaps we should start a new thread - what hat do you wear stalking???


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    I only use P. J. Haggarts of Aberfeldy and thier tweed are unbeatable. They do carry 20-30 made up hats and caps in all sizes but will make anything up you want...

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