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Thread: Monarch Roe Sack

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    Monarch Roe Sack

    I was given a monarch Roe sack and while it looked good it failed on quite a few points that I find important. Has any one else found it not to be truly fit for purpose.?

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    I have the Monarch Sika sack, tbh can't fault it so far.

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    Have one and don't have anything to complain about. More robust than most, good capacity, sensible number of pockets, removable liner. Not sure what else you'd need?

    What don't you like?

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    Have you really used it or just looked at it unicorn71.Pockets will loose stuff liner fastened in ,Need to loosen the full thing. No bottom loop to hang to dry etc etc .

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    Been using it for the last 7 months, I have had no issues with the pockets but agree that a bottom loop would be good, just really like the way the sack sits on my back in a high position even with 2 roe inside where as other sacks I have used tended to drag backwards with any weight in them.

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    Had mine for going on 3 years. Had between 30-40 deer in it.

    Worried about loosing things from pockets initially, but never had it happen.

    Hanging upside down would be easier with a loop, but I just clip the belt over butchery rail, and it hangs down well enough.

    As Unicorn says, it sits very well on the back and carries the weight well. Frankly, that's ALL I really want it to do - the rest is extra.

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    Hello 6P

    May I ask you to eleborate on what your greivances actually are as I find your comment on "not fit for purpose" suprising....

    The main pockets are designed to carry nitrile gloves, back up drag ropes etc, whilst the front security pocket can be used for knife storage, phone or other valuebles.

    As for the liner - if you don't like the fact that the liner is hold in by paracord can I recommed that you remove the cord and just have the liner loose in the sack.

    Last year we sold over 150 sacks and have not had 1 complaint (please check out user comments on our website) - I'm sure Unicorn71 has certainly done more than just look at his Sika Sack, over the last 4 years mine has carried well over 100 roe and is still fit for purpose.

    You mention that you were given the roe sack - if you had actually purchased this from us I would have given you your money back....

    However I will pass your comments on to the manufacturer as constructive criticism.

    Happy customer reviews can be seen here


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Well said Rob, a reasonable measured response from a good outfit.

    I've bought a monarch roesack as well as a number of ancillary items from monarch and have no gripes with the items purchased or the service provided.


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    Had mine a couple of years now and can't fault it either

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    Just looked at the pics in the link. Don't know if it's British made or not, but as a manufacturer of similar items, I can tell you there's a lot of work gone into those for the money !!!

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