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Thread: Fully Custom 7mm-08 "Thor" Rifle by Valkyrie Firearms (Dave Wylde)

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    Fully Custom 7mm-08 "Thor" Rifle by Valkyrie Firearms (Dave Wylde)

    For sale is an un-used (never left the shop) fully custom 7mm-08 Rifle by Dave Wylde at Valkyrie Rifles. 4155 to assemble - we bought this rifle from the customer so now dropped to 2,750.
    We will also offer a very competitive package to include a scope and moderator if the buyer needs these. We have various new and used rifle scopes from Zeiss, S&B, and Meopta. Alternatively we have several options in Night Vision and Thermal optics.

    The rifle is completely new and has not been shot or left our Petworth premises.

    We can re-barrel this to a .308 Caliber & re-coat for 600-800 if the buyer would prefer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Valkyrie's Description:

    Thor action with fluted bolt and zero Cant one piece rail. Tactical bolt knob.

    The barrel started life as a 32 inch heavy varmint Bartlien. Its now reprofiled, fluted and 18" long. Screwcut 14mm x 1 and invisible capped.

    Trigger is a jewel.

    The stock is a Manners T5 and has been modified in the bolt slot and ejection port area to better fit the action. Then pillar and devcon bedded.

    Paintwork on the action is cerakote OD green and graphite black.

    Paintwork on the stock is Duracoat tactical flat black, woodland tan, snow grey and OD green. Its far harder wearing than C series cerakote on a stock. The manners stocks are also painted in Duracoat from the factory.

    A very short, pointable rifle that balances beautifully.

    Thanks for looking,
    Raker Ltd

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    Could you tell me how heavy this is please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Could you tell me how heavy this is please?
    9lbs 12oz (just under 5kg in new terms). Balances very well, and has the AI spacers on the back so the stock is fully adjustable for most shapes and sizes.


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    I thought it looked a bit heavy! I'd love it, but with a moderator and scope fitted I'd be wanting a Sherpa to carry it for me!
    I'm sure there is someone out there that doesn't stray too far from a vehicle that will give it a loving home.
    Good luck with the sale.

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    Hi MS,
    An AI weighs 6.8kg, a Sako 85 is 3.4kg, a Howa Varmint Laminate is 5kg - so it's not heavy but certainly heavier than a lightweight sporter.
    Probably not one for someone who likes a lighter rifle, but a good rifle for varmint barrel fans.
    Raker Ltd

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    That is an impressive piece of kit, if it were only left hand....

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    Quote Originally Posted by U108294 View Post
    That is an impressive piece of kit, if it were only left hand....
    Thanks. We're due a left hand 22-250 AI at some point, and we have LH Benelli Super Black Eagle FAC shotgun (second-hand) - for some reason we struggle to sell LH rifles & shotguns (probably lack of advertising on our part!)

    Raker Ltd

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    I've just bought a lightly-modded Sako off Raker after lots of help from the team there, and it's better than their description. Very pleased.

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