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    powder meausure

    hi all can you please shine a light please .
    I am a complete and utter novice to reloading and as such I am busy trying to get together a set up to reload [on a tight and tiny budget ] for my .243 .

    I was talking to someone today while looking on the evilbay for a powder measure and he completely threw me by saying that he uses the lee yellow scoop things straight onto a scale then a powder trickler to fine tune the powder that is where it went straight over my head in opinion of the experienced reloaders which would I be better of getting the lee perfect powder measure and a trickler or those set of scoop thingys

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    hodge mate from a noob to a noob not being flippant go on utube type in 1967 spud hes on here as a trader watch his video,or better still give him a ring and he will help,atb doug

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    I more and more use the Lee "Popeye's Pipes" plastic scoops and a scale. I have been shooting and reloading since 1976. So that's what? Just shy of forty years. You won't go wrong with that method and it is cheap. For stalking calibres that is.

    But, then again, I now only ;load at most forty rounds at a time and so slowness isn't an issue. In fact if you add to the mix...AS YOU SHOULD FOR SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY...a funnel and a loading block it pretty much is as fast a you need. If you then take a second go with the scoop you can just get a few loose grains in and tap them into the sacle pan and avoid buying or using a trickler all together! That is what I mostly do and my trickler sits on the shelf.

    When I used to load two to three hundred cartridges at a time, .38 Special, .303 then I did use a powder thrower and never trickled but just threw. Check weighing every tenth load at random from the block after all were loaded.

    However for .44 Magnum I use a Dillon Square Deal Blue as for that I load maybe fifty at a time or even a hundred. In fact I seem to, almost, to match the speed I load fresh cartridges at with the usual speed with which I shoot them off.

    An "odd" situation to have arrived at but that is really as it is.

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